The Best Office Episode: The Finale

Once more, we set sail towards our end goal. A discovery no man or woman has yet discovered. A treasure waiting to be dug up. An artifact ready to be excavated. And we are close. Close to finding out one of the longest and most famous question marks in modern American history: What is the best episode of The Office. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I must expedite the process of this bracket. This week is the last week, and by the end of this article, we will all know what the best episode of The Office is. Everyone must know the rules by know, so without further ado, let us divulge into the round of eight.

1 Stress Relief vs 7 The Injury

4 Initiation vs 7 Frame Toby

1 Diversity Day vs 6 The Chair Model

4 Sexual Harassement vs 6 Dwight’s Speech

Moving quickly forward, the Final Four is next:

1 Stress Relief vs 7 Frame Toby

6 The Chair Model vs 6 Dwight’s Speech 

The finale:

7 Frame Toby vs 6 Dwight’s Speech

And is the winner is… Frame Toby. The final answer to the question, “What is the best ever episode of The Office?” is Frame Toby. As ridiculous to me as this is, I have no choice to accept this. To me, this episode is merely mediocre in the grand scheme of Office episodes. However, the voting system implemented was extremely flawed and I have severe suspicions that people just voted randomly and did not actually pick the best episode. So, I will give my own decision, an “Editor’s Choice”, if you will. In my opinion, the best episode of The Office is: Finale (with Stress Relief as a close second). This concludes my journey, I hope you all enjoyed it. Continue to watch whatever your favorite episodes are, and stay classy.