Foreign Exchange Student of the Week!


Introducing Kevin Zanon from Switzerland!!

What were you most looking forward to coming to US?

Seafood! Also the ocean, and I was excited in general to finally go to the US after 3 years of planning.

Was your top choice US?

Yes, from the first day on.

What sports did you play in Switzerland and what do you want to play here?

I didn’t play sports in Switzerland, but I play football here.

Why did you become an exchange student?

I wanted to get out of the everyday environment of Switzerland, see something new and get to know a new culture.

What was your first impression of Magnet?

It felt like I was walking through a Hollywood movie. Everyone was nice and openminded.

What is your favorite American food?

My favorite foods are fried chicken and seafood. The seafood is so fresh here.

What is the most different thing about the US?

The temperature!

What do you miss the most?

I miss the elevation and bread.

Describe your family back home.

I have a younger brother, 2 parents, and I live in small village out of Winterthur. I have a cat called Speedy that’s fat and lazy too.

Describe your family in the US.

They’re generous,  show me things around Charleston, and my host sister goes to SOA.

Interesting fact?

I’m a big fan of aviation.