Foreign Exchange Student of the Week!


Meet Allan Menchik da Cunha, a foreign exchange student from Brazil!

  1. What were you most looking forward to coming to America?

Different perspectives on life and politics.

  1. Was your top choice the US?

No, Canada.

  1. What sports did you play in Brazil and what do you want to play here?

I swim in Brazil and tried to here but I signed up too late. I don’t think I will try to play anything else.

  1. Why did you become an exchange student?

First, my parents encouraged me but then I got into it and decided it would be a good experience.

  1. What was your first impression of Magnet?

It looked great but very time consuming.

  1. What is your favorite American food?

Uh, grits.

  1. What is the most different thing about the US?

It is much more organized.

  1. What do you miss the most?

Mostly Brazilian barbeque.

  1. Describe your family back home.

I have two parents, a 9 year-old brother, and 11 year-old sister.

  1. Describe your family in the US.

I’m staying with Helena Upshaw. There are two other siblings in the house, a girl and a boy. I can’t drive so I can’t really go anywhere.

  1. Interesting fact?

I like really small dogs.