How to Survive Junior Year


Sarah Norman (11) and Skyler Ayers (11) pose in their themed outfits.

Junior year has a daunting reputation at Academic Magnet. Rigorous classes combined with thesis can make junior year one of the most difficult years for magnet students. Underclassman at Magnet often hear upperclassmen and teachers make remarks on how hard Thesis can become in addition to AP classes. Year after year seniors warn juniors to stick to deadlines and work on thesis over summer. However, many seniors still find themselves falling behind deadlines as soon as August of Senior year begins. Junior year may be difficult, but the first semester of senior year becomes even worse if Thesis is not complete. Therefore, for all the juniors looking to survive their last two years of high school don’t put off thesis. To combat procrastination Carly Hall suggests, “Don’t do your ROL deadlines on Thursday night or Friday morning; take thesis seriously and try your best not to slack off.” In addition to thesis, the AP courses of junior year increases the nightly workload dramatically.  Though AP courses taken differs for each student, these classes are very important to do well in.

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help you stay afloat senior year. Choose a thesis topic you’re passionate about, because for the next year you will learn more about it than you may have thought possible. Keep a good relationship with your teachers; before you know it you’re going to be asking them for college recommendations. Use the weekends to catch up on work; it’s better than getting no sleep during the week. Take the SAT asap if you haven’t already; the more time you have to improve the better. Participate in long range community service rather than one time events. Any time you feel stressed, take a break and give yourself time to relax. Enjoy being a junior and not having to worry about college too much.