Foreign Exchange Student of the Week!


This year, Academic Magnet welcomes six new foreign exchange students: Allen da Cunha, from Brazil, Manuel Gaspar, from Portugal, Natsuki Nagayama, from Japan, Michal Pokorny, from Slovakia, Ingrid Singstad, from Norway, and Kevin Zanon, from Switzerland. Every week there will be a spotlight article on one of these foreign exchange student. This week, the foreign exchange student is Ingrid Singstad.

  1. What were you most looking forward to coming to America?

Meeting new friends and experiencing new things

  1. Was your top choice the US?


  1. What sports did you play in Norway and what do you want to play here?

I played handball in Norway, but hope to play basketball here at Magnet in the fall.

  1. Why did you become an exchange student?

My mom and uncle were both exchange students so I decided to continue the tradition.

  1. What was your first impression of Magnet?

It’s a different school, with little independence, but has many cool people and teachers.

  1. What is your favorite American food?

I like burgers.

  1. What is the most different thing about the US?

It’s a lot stricter in the US, it’s strict and has very little independence.

  1. What do you miss the most?


  1. Describe your family back home.

They are kind, I have a brother named Espen, who’s 13 and a malamute named Sharek.

  1. Describe your family in the US.

Christian and kind, they have older kids who don’t live in the house. I go to church a lot and I’m the only kid because they don’t have any pets.

  1. How tall are you?

5’11”, I’m tall.