2017 Women’s Cross Country Team


This cross country season will be epic. Intense training began in June and will continue through November. The team practices five days a week, Mondays-Thursdays and Saturdays. Practices consist of warmups, stretching, and either a workout or a distance run. Some of the elite runners average 4-6 miles everyday. However, do not be deceived, cross country welcomes all levels of runners! While it may be too late to join this season, contact Coach Hooffstetter to get information about next season.

This season, the team has grown substantially, with more than thirty runners participating. The team is approximately 20% freshmen, 25% sophomores, 25% juniors, and 30% seniors.  Although all thirty runners are together at practice, during meets they are separated into two teams. The varsity team is determined by the top seven fastest runners. The varsity and JV teams train together, however, varsity trains more intensely in hopes of winning state.


Here are some quotes about cross country from a few of our runners:

“XC? More like seXC” -Carly Hall, senior

“Run cross country they said…it will be fun they said…” -Grace Fellows, junior

“Cross country is one hill of a sport” -Kate Kuisel, junior

“My cross country shoes have more miles than your car” -Caroline Seymour, senior

“May the course be with you” -Coach Hooffstetter


Get to know the coach!

What is your favorite race you have run?

Chicago Marathon because it was my second marathon and the city vibes were great, people everywhere. The Cubs were also in playoffs so there were lots of people.

Longest Distance you have run?

Three marathons: Disney, Chicago, New York (26.4 miles)

Best Running Experience?

My 5 years running at Virginia Rock-n-Roll half marathon.

Worst Running Experience?

When I was pregnant and hormonal I cried at many of the meets with girls at Wando.

Why do you love Cross Country?

I love interaction with the girls. The goal for me is to have fun and develop life long runners on my team.

Favorite pre-race snack?

Chunk peanut butter bagel and coffee.


Come support your lady raptors at the upcoming meets:

Saturday Sept 2 Greenwave Invitational @ Ponds Summerville, SC 9:00 AM
Saturday Sept 9 Coaches Classic @ Sandhills Columbia, SC 8:30 AM
Wednesday Sept 20 CCSD Meet @ IOP County Park Isle of Palms, SC 5:00 PM
Saturday Sept 30 Lowcountry Invitational @ Mullet Hall Johns Island, SC 9:00 AM
Wednesday Oct 11 Dual Meet with BE Riverfront Park 5:00 PM
Wednesday Oct 18 Region Championships Riverfront Park 5:00 PM
Saturday Oct 28* State Qualifier Columbia, SC TBA
Saturday Nov 4** State Championship @ Sandhills Columbia, SC 12:30 PM