AMHS Spanish Play

December 14, 2016

On December 14, 2017 Mrs. Shields’s Spanish classes will be presenting The Princess and the Frog to the children of Dunston Elementary.  They will be telling the story of a young, hard working girl that finds herself in an unexpected situation when she is turned into a frog, and has to discover what is really important in life in order to transform herself back into a human. The Talon staff did some investigative journalism into what the Academic Magnet student body and actors think about this play.

We asked the Talon’s own Lexi Dehart, who plays Prince Naveen, how she feels about acting in a male role as a female.

Lexi Dehart: “Um I feel like… I feel like it really destroys gender stereotypes and I’ve loved having the opportunity to perform in something like this”

We also questioned Earl Navarro about how he feels about playing a female role as a male. He responded; “Well I really think that it improves my skills as an actor because I have to interpret the role and make it obvious to the audience that Im a female character and without like laughing or doing anything that’s too crazy and ruining the spirit of the play”

Senior spanish student Zach Hunter weighed in, saying,

“I feel like it’s a fun play with good values and a good story. I feel like it’s really rewarding and like a grand send off from Magnet”

Junior JJ Bishop has shared that he looks foreward especially to “seeing Kara Schacke up on stage”.

Tune in this Wednesday at 11:30 in the lecture hall to watch the stars of AMHS’s Spanish department as they sing and dance their hearts out (in español) on stage.



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