A Cool New Way to Decorate Your Wall


Do you have a bunch of photos and/or memories and want to display some of them in your room? Recently I decided to create a display for some of my photos by using some paintings that I had made.


What you’ll need:

Painted Canvases

Thumb Tacks


Pictures or anything you want to display

Washi Tape

  1. For the Painted Canvases, you can do anything that you want. Since I’m not very artistic, I did quotes from Gilmore Girls and an inside joke from my summer camp.


2. Determine how far apart you want your canvases to be and place thumbtacks at the corners of where they are going to be.

3. Tie string between the inside thumbtacks. This is where the pictures will hang.


*Ignore the thumbtack in the top middle. That will be discussed later.

4. To hang the pictures: Wrap washi tape around where on the string you want to hang it and attach the ends of the tape to the picture.


5. Wherever you want to have the pictures, place thumbtacks anywhere underneath the canvases and connect them with string.

img_0269 img_0273

Now you have a nice area where you can display some of your pictures!