College Costs Come Sooner Than You Think

College Costs Come Sooner Than You Think

As November is creeping up, the senior class of 2017 is scrambling to submit applications to countless colleges. While the cost of college is definitely a factor when choosing potential schools, the cost of actually applying to these schools is often forgotten.

Lets do the Math:

According to a previous article published by Hannah Reed, seniors this year are applying to an average of 5.93 schools. A U.S. News & World Report from last year found that college applications cost an average of $37.88 per application (this is including those applications which have no application cost). So, assuming that these statistics are representative of our class, the average senior has spent $224.63 on application fees alone.

But wait, there’s more…

The majority of colleges currently require a minimum of one standardized test score with their application. This means that students are paying to take these tests on top of application fees. The SAT costs $54.50 (with essay), and the College Board charges $11.25 per school to send score reports. The ACT costs $56.50, with a $12 charge to send scores.

Let’s pretend that our hypothetical senior takes the SAT twice, and sends their scores to 6 colleges. When you register for the test, you are given the opportunity to send scores to four schools for free. This means that our senior will pay $22.50 sending their scores to their two additional schools. When added to the actual testing fee, the total SAT cost comes out to $77.

Popular Choices

The majority of the colleges that our seniors are applying to have a much higher application fee. Below are some frequently applied to colleges within AMHS and their application fees.

Clemson: $70

University of South Carolina: $65

Wofford: $35

University of Virginia: $70

University of North Carolina: $80

College of Charleston: $50

Tulane: No Cost!

Duke: $85

Harvard: $75

Texas A&M: $75

Washington University in St. Louis: $75

Total Costs

With only the SAT and applications fees, seniors this year are paying a whopping $301.63 just to apply to college. This application cost provides a taste for the crippling debt that many of our seniors will begin to experience next year at college.