CCSD: Back at it Again with the Annoying Policies


As school swings back into session, we are getting pumped to return to learning. So imagine our surprise when we walked through the doors on the first day of school, only to be hit by a wave of heat. Apparently, CCSD saw it fit to lock us in 82 degree classrooms and expect us to learn. These Talon writers did some in depth investigation on the many issues plaguing the halls of Magnet. Here’s the dirt:

Air Conditioning

Did you know that leaving a baby or dog in a hot car is illegal in some states? Well it is. Using that (loose) logic, it should also be illegal to leave developing teenagers in hot classrooms. These are not safe learning conditions.

*Note: The air conditioning issue has since been resolved, but the learning lost in those first few days may never be recovered.

WiFi Access

So apparently CCSD does not trust it’s students to stay on “appropriate, school related” websites while on the computer. To combat our supposed inappropriate use of the wifi, the school district has altered the internet terms, requiring students to login in order to access the web. This is essentially CCSD hardcore spying on everything we do.

Pro Tip: You can login to the guest wifi as a guest with a fake name and email to hide from the prying eyes of Big Brother.

Non-Pro Tip: The use of VPN’s has been blocked by the new firewall; Apparently CCSD knows more about the hip  trends of the web than we once thought.

Teacher Cuts

This past year, the school district has accumulated a little bit of debt. And by a bit of debt, what we really mean is EIGHTEEN MILLION dollars in debt. To compensate for their massive fail, they have decided to cut teachers. Essentially , the school board feels that is is appropriate to punish students for CCSD’s shortcomings. At Magnet, we experienced 4 teacher cuts last year, and our school will never really be the same.


Lucky for all of you late sleepers out there, school now starts a whole fifteen minutes later. In addition to this change, we now have a split lunch, which requires more class changes throughout the day. To make up for lost time within the schedule, we now have only 5 minutes between our first two classes, and our lunch has been shortened to a mere 30 minutes. This is ridiculous. Want to know what you can accomplish in 30 minutes worth of lunch? Nothing, that’s what. We barely have time to get a full 8 hours of sleep in, and now school is cutting into our nutrition as well.

In conclusion, CCSD is really slacking this year. Don’t worry too much though, because worst case scenario you have to suffer for four (or less!) more short years. On the bright side, in South Carolina you can legally drop out of school at age 17, so keep that in your back pocket just in case things don’t start to look up.