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Nude Statue of Donald Trump Shows His (Very) Small Hands

August 23, 2016

Taken from FreePicsDepot

Taken from FreePicsDepot

Taken from FreePicsDepot

The nationwide anti-Trump sentiment reached a climax last week when a nude statue of Donald Trump, titled “The Emperor Has No Balls,” showed up in several US cities. The statues were featured on many national news websites such as NBC, Time Magazine, BBC, and The Washington Post. The artist claimed to be a former supporter of Trump, but his views were changed when Trump made fun of a disabled New York Times reporter. The artist, nicknamed “Ginger,” had several mentally disabled family members and took Trump’s insensitivity to heart. All of the statues have since been taken down. A New York Parks Service representative, Sam Biederman, spoke about the statue and the size of Trump’s hands. He stated, “NYC Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

The views on this statue are highly controversial. Some merely laugh at the statue, while others display their disgust of the figurine. Time Magazine writer Pauline Campos displays her view, stating that the statues are body-shaming. Campos, who is anti-Trump, states that these statues only put anti-Trump advocates on the same level as Trump himself. “Do we fight hate with more hate?” Campos states. 

Nevertheless, the statues have created a lasting impact. The NYC statue was a Pokestop (a popular place in the new mobile game, PokemonGo), attracting many more viewers to the statue. People are plaguing twitter with the new hashtag, “Make America Naked Again.” Mini-statues are being sold online, bringing displays of Trump in the nude to viewers at home. But, the main thing this statue displays is that, contrary to what Donald Trump says, he has extremely small hands. If Trump really wants to seal the border, he should just line up a bunch of these statues. I’d turn back.

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