Bailey Hillen
What's beat-boppin y'all. would I describe myself? Chunky yet funky. Also sassy, classy, and a little smart-you-know-what-y. Don’t get on my bad side. I will put you on my list. When I am dead, I will come back to haunt you and probably move some furniture around or flicker the lights, who knows. I stay in shape thanks to latin-fusion zumba and my strict diet of pizza Lunchables and Red Bull. If you are above six foot and are planning to go to med school, hmu. I like long walks on the beach and romantic, candle-lit dinners at expensive restaurants. In my free time, I like to hunt for bigfoot and leprechauns. Hope you read and enjoy my work here on the Talon.

Bailey Hillen, Staff writer

Sep 13, 2019
Raptor Football: 9/6/19 – BAYWATCH (Story)
Sep 13, 2019
Baywatch Gallery (Story)