Identical Confusion: the 3.33%

For the lucky 3.33% of people who have a twin (which is a much greater percentage than identical twins) life can be fabulous. Juniors, Emma and Anne Rodgers, take the cake for being Magnet’s most common mix up due to their exact genetic coding. Most people tell the difference by the way they part their hair, but other than that cannot tell them from one another. However, the real question is, do they truly know their own identical twin? After questioning Emma to see if she truly knows all the common questions anyone should know about their soul mate (in her case twin), it’s noted that Emma does truly knows her twin as well as we thought, only missing two out of fifteen questions, and possibly knowing Anne better than Anne herself does. Below is an interview where Anne was asked questions about herself, and Emma then answered the questions about Anne to test her twin knowledge.


Q: What is Anne’s favorite color?

Anne’s response: blue

Emma’s response: blue

Q: Who is her celebrity crush?

Anne’s response: doesn’t have one

Emma’s response: Channing Tatum

Q: Does Anne prefer chocolate or vanilla?

Anne’s response: vanilla

Emma’s response: vanilla

Q: What is her blood type?

Anne’s response: I have no idea what my own blood type is.

Emma’s response: The same as mine

Q: Would Anne be willing to eat a bowl of crickets for 40,000 dollars?

Anne’s response: yes

Emma’s response: of course

Q: What is Anne’s weirdest habit?

Anne’s response: biting nails

Emma’s response: drinking excessive amounts of coconut water

Q: What is her biggest fear?

Anne’s response: enclosed spaces and rats

Emma’s response: planes (which is essentially enclosed spaces)

Q: Does Anne prefer sweet or salty?

Anne’s response: sweet

Emma’s response: sweet

Q: Which is her favorite season?

Anne’s response: summer

Emma’s response: summer

Q: Would Anne be a clown or a lion trainer in the circus?

Anne’s response: lion trainer

Emma’s response: lion trainer

Q: What is her best subject in school?

Anne’s response: history

Emma’s response: history

Q: What is the first thing Anne would buy with one million dollars?

Anne’s response: a dress

Emma’s response: some sort of clothing

Q: Does she ever sleepwalk or sleep-talk?

Anne’s response: no

Emma’s response: never

Q: Would Anne ever drink one week expired milk?

Anne’s response: no

Emma’s response: no

Q: Is Anne ever jealous of Emma?

Anne’s response: yes

Emma’s response: of course