Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends

As the summer starts to simmer down, let’s look at some of the season’s hottest trends for one final blowout.


It’s hard to deny that South Carolina summers are brutal. The glaring sun and constant sense of drinking in the air, instead of simply breathing it, lead most people to a uniform of tank tops and lightweight shorts. But, on the occasion that Nike shorts and a t-shirt just aren’t cutting it for you (or it’s a laundry day), outfits with some substance could be a possibility.

Crop tops, an excuse to bare your toned tummy for some, or a nightmare for those of us who have had one too many spoonfuls of late night ice cream. Either way, crop tops have had staying power on the runways season after season, and Spring/Summer ’14 was no different. But, it was thanks to celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé who have allowed this trend to trickle down into retail stores worldwide.

With the crop top trend comes the co-ord, short for coordinates, or the answer to your fear of being “too matchy-matchy.” A suit of sorts, the co-ord typically includes a crop top and a pair of matching shorts or skirt. The ease of this outfit makes it incredibly easy to wear, and explains the sudden blow up of matching prints on both the runway and retail.

Say goodbye to the painful stilettos of yesteryear, Birkenstocks are here to stay. The shoe that everyone seems to have an opinion on (ugly? granola? the new face of fashion?) has definitely made an impact on the fashion world. The German shoe brand has had a 30% boost in sales thanks to fashion bloggers and celebrities who are crazy for the comfy sandal.

Fringe isn’t just for cowboys roaming throughout the Wild, Wild West anymore. Tassels have made a comeback this year and have been spotted on everything from formalwear to purses to bathing suits. French designer label Isabel Marant in particular has made “cowboy” hats and fringed jackets all the rage for the most urban of cowgirls.

Holding true to the phrase “everything comes back in style,” the overalls have come back from the 90s. Despite farmer and toddler jokes, it’s not possible to deny the fact that overalls are here to stay, at least for a while. The ease of this trend has made it popular among everyone, and this is reflected by popular retail stores that now sell them.

Overall, pun intended, Summer ’14 has revamped the fashion world, as usual. As we head into fall we can look forward to another season of controversy and new trends.