Fly High and Spend Low


Nate LeRoy and Elle Johnson

One of America’s top trends of the past year is owning your own commercial drone. While the American military is producing drones in the excess of a few million dollars, companies are making drones accessible to the common American public. Although these commercially available drones are not quite as technologically advanced as those in the United States Military, they provide a unique perspective – a bird’s eye view of an area.┬áNot to drone on about these great deals, but for those interested, check out this list below.



Protocol VideoDrone 6182-3YB 4-channel remote-controlled quad-copter

Available for $79.99 at Best Buy








RC Quadcopter Drone with a 4-channel remote for beginner and advanced flyers

Available for $60.00 at







4419800_sdParrot Airborne Cargo Mars Drone- White

Available for $99.99 at Best Buy







dji-inspire-1-x3-zenmuse-flir-xt-640x512-30hz-thermal-camera-bundle-inspire1-xt640-30hz-bundle-dji-c01DJI Inspire 1×3 + Zenmuse Flir XT 640×512 30Hz Thermal Camera Bundle

Available for $12,398.00 at



While the price usually correlates with the overall quality of the drone, finding a suitable drone for under $300 is not that hard or complicated. Amateurs are buying up drones in mass quantities and flying them all around, using them for filming bird’s eye view, as done by recent AMHS Alum Andy Turner (here). Drones also capture some unsuspecting subjects, including this man sunbathing on top of a windmill. We hope this has helped your budgeted drone buying process.