Come to the Dark Side, We Have Pi: Sixth Annual Pi Day Celebration at AMHS


The fourteenth of March, 3/14, is cause for celebration, especially at AMHS. Pi Day is a tradition, with the Math department hosting a day full of Pi recitations, Pi-related songs, and, yes, pie. Everyone takes part in at least one of the Pi Day activities, whether it be the walk, recitation, basketball shootout, relay, or one of the more creative options, a card, a song, a video, a poem, a poster, or a costume.

Some of the festivities took place in the week before the numerically significant holiday; 3/10 featured the Pi Day recitation, where students needed a minimum of 75 digits memorized to enter, and 3/11 highlighted the more athletic options, the relay race and the basketball shootout. The rest of the activities, excluding the walk, were due the Tuesday and Wednesday before Pi Day, leading ample time to judge before the winners were announced on 3/14.

Following the, arguably, most popular event of Pi Day, the walk, all of Magnet gathered in the courtyard to listen to Mr. Grimshaw sing, with Tony Reda, Misha Pekar, Nate Bradley, and Zach Zuber. Zach followed by singing his winning song, Space Oddity, and then Pi recitation winner, Jameson Sanders, enlightened the crowd with a Pi “rap,” reciting only a fraction of the digits that he knew. Nearing the end of the lunch, with everyone full of the pie that Mu Alpha Theta had been selling, the winners were announced. Nick Carter won for best poem, The Adventures of Luke Pi-Walker, Olive Gardner, India Manigault, Alec Robinovitch, and Ben Holmes won for best video, Emπire Strikes Back, Nate Bradley won best recorded song, Brain Damage (From Pi Problems), John Staubes won best poster, Laure DeMarco won best card, Bryson Rose won the basketball shootout, Martyn Lemon, Oliver Yang, and Jonathan Zurow won the boys’ relay race, and Sophia Crosby, Chloe Belton, and Caroline Seymour won the girls’ relay race. The sixth annual Pi Day celebration eventually had to come to an end, but pi continues on.