Don’t Stop This Trend

Dont Stop This Trend

Do you remember Trivia Crack? Well, it was the most popular game in the App Store in December of 2014. I guess something about winter makes everyone really like fast thinking games. They warm up your brain at least, while your body is freezing from the wintry climate. Basically, the game has 6 categories with a 60 second time limit. Then, it gives you a random letter that you have to think of a word that begins with that letter. If you can think of enough of the categories before the time is up, you can stop the timer, and limit the time for the person you’re playing. If you get a rare word, a little “R” shows up and you can get more points to crush your opponent. You can either compete with friends or random opponents, but, either way, it’s a fun game to play that forces you to think on your feet. The more games you win, the more coins you get that you can use to shuffle categories, change the letter, or even get hints for specific words.

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It’s hard to know such obscure topics when the letter is one like “y” or “z,” so there are many ways to cheat. Once the categories are revealed, you can look up, for instance, for the “US Presidents” category, all of the US Presidents. For the “classical composers” category, you can look up various composers in alphabetical order. It’s just a game, but everybody loves to win.