GeoFilter for the AMHS Campus

GeoFilter for the AMHS Campus

SOA has one. Thousands of colleges worldwide have one. Why doesn’t Academic Magnet have one? No worries, we do now! After endless design choices and attempts, school-renowned graphic designer, Maryanna Reed, with the help of Elle Johnson, created a flawless GeoFilter for our Academic Magnet campus.


Pictured here is a candid photo of the SOA GeoFilter with the Talon’s very own Editor.


From Munich, Germany, a GeoFilter all the way from across the big blue.


At Purdue University, a student bundles up with school pride.


Even the country’s best and brightest use a GeoFilter at the Ivy League school of Harvard University.

Without further ado, here is the much anticipated GeoFilter.

snapchat AMHS


*Note: this GeoFilter has now been approved by Snapchat