The Resurgence of Wrexham FC

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are redefining what it means to be football club owners


The Backstory:

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, known for their work in Hollywood, have gained attention recently for their investment in a Welsh soccer team, Wrexham. While some may be skeptical about their investment, their sincere love for the community and the team cannot be denied. Reynolds and McElhenney have taken a hands-on approach to their investment by filming a documentary series, “Welcome to Wrexham,” chronicling their journey to rebuild the team and to integrate themselves into the community. McElhenney had the idea to make a documentary about Wrexham after watching several sports documentaries during lockdown, and he invited Reynolds to help bankroll it. “Welcome to Wrexham” is a mix of reality television and documentary, featuring candid conversations and moments from the club’s players and staff. It is a tribute to the town and its people, as well as a chronicle of the efforts to turn Wrexham’s fortunes around.

Love for the Team:

Reynolds and McElhenney’s involvement with the team has been emotional and financial. They have a genuine affection for Wrexham, its people, and its soccer team. McElhenney has been seen pacing back and forth during Wrexham’s games, and Reynolds has experienced the agony and ecstasy of being a soccer fan for the first time in his life. They are not mere observers in the story of Wrexham, but active participants in it.

Investing in the Community:

Their investment in Wrexham is also an investment in the community. The town has suffered from economic decline and neglect in recent years, and the soccer team has been a source of pride and hope for the people. Reynolds and McElhenney have promised to invest $2.5 million in the team over two years, with the aim of bringing it back to its former glory.

They have also pledged to involve the community in the rebuilding process, giving the people of Wrexham a stake in the success of the team. “Welcome to Wrexham” is not just a documentary about a soccer team; it is also a story about a community that has been overlooked and underestimated. Reynolds and McElhenney are not just investors in a team; they are also champions of a town. Their investment in Wrexham is an investment in the people who live there and a recognition of the potential of a community that has been neglected for too long.

Celebrity Investing in Sports:

Reynolds and McElhenney’s involvement with Wrexham has also sparked a conversation about the role of celebrity investors in sports. While some may see their investment as a publicity stunt, their sincerity and dedication to the project are hard to deny. They are not just using the team as a marketing tool; they are actively working to improve it and to create a sustainable future for the club. Their investment in Wrexham also raises questions about the role of community in sports. While professional sports have become increasingly commercialized and removed from their communities, Wrexham is an example of how sports can bring people together and foster a sense of belonging. Reynolds and McElhenney’s involvement with the team has revitalized the community and given people hope for the future.

What it Means for Wrexham:

In the end, the success of Reynolds and McElhenney’s investment in Wrexham will be measured not just in wins and losses, but in the impact it has on the community. Their investment is a testament to the power of sports to bring people together, and to the importance of investing in neglected communities. “Welcome to Wrexham” is not just a documentary about a soccer team; it is a story about the people who make up a community, and the potential that lies within them.