A Freshman’s Guide to Spirit Week

September 1, 2015

Spirit Week is a big deal at AMHS, a really big deal. The 5 days of dressing up and intense, to say the least, school spirit, are the norm to sophomores, juniors, and seniors, but the incoming freshman have no idea of what the week will bring. So, in order to better prepare the freshman for a better, and an overall more enjoyable, spirit week, I’ve compiled some advice from seniors to help them through the week.

  1. “Plan in advance.” – Betsy Samber, senior

– Make sure you have your outfits planned out at least a few days before. Nobody wants to make a midnight run to Wal-Mart the night before Spirit Week!

  1. “Bring earplugs, if you’re weak.” – Elle Johnson, senior

– Brace yourselves.

  1. “Everyone goes hard, so you should, too!” – Maryanna Reed, senior

– Spirit Week is the most fun when everyone participates. That means you, too, freshmen! Dressing normally during Spirit Week is way more out of place than dressing up.

  1. “Stay out of the way of the seniors!” – Mika Sakamoto, senior

– Needless to say, everyone should figure this out for themselves.

Overall, the #1 tip is for everyone to get involved! The more people that get involved, the more fun everybody has; it’s a great sight to see when there are kids in onesies, pregnant moms, and seniors with walkers all trying to get into the same class. Remember, Spirit Week is September 14 – 18, and you can find the exact schedule here!

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