How to Dress Your Best for Spirit Week

A List of Costume Ideas for the Spring 2023 Spirit Week

As another spirit week begins in a few days, many students are wondering what on earth they’re going to wear for next week’s themes. Look no further than this comprehensive list of outfit ideas, gathered by an experienced Magnet student (credentials: 7 spirit weeks and a heart that bleeds black and green).

Monday – Despicable Me

We’ll be starting spirit week off strong with the Despicable Me theme. A classic series with so many options for dressing up. First off, you can never go wrong with a simple yellow minion. If you want to go for DIY, wear a pair of overalls or jeans, a yellow shirt, black boots, and black gloves. If you want to save yourself some time, Amazon has great options. This one has a cute skirt option and this one has full-length overalls and a yellow cap to mimic the iconic minion hair. 

Another simple character is Gru. Dress in all black, throw on a striped scarf, and get a bald cap. Need a partner for your Gru costume? Have a friend dress up as the moon. Walmart has a great blow-up option or dress in all gray. In a trio? Dress up as Margo, Edith, and Agnes.

Tuesday – Cold Front vs. Heat Wave

Tuesday’s theme is a great opportunity to bring out the winter gear you use three times a year or pretend it’s summer vacation. If you’re going for “Heat Wave” dress like it’s peak Charleston summer. Wear sunglasses, hats, shorts, and sandals. If you want to go the extra mile, wear sunscreen on your nose. If you want to dress more for the January weather, “Cold Front” might be for you. Bring out your beanies and parkas, but make sure you don’t layer too much. Tuesday is expected to have a high of 67°. If you want to get creative, dress up with a friend as the Snow and Heat Misers from The Year Without a Santa Claus. Complete the look with red and blue makeup, clothes, and wigs.

Wednesday – Greek Gods vs. Greek Life

This theme is classic but simple. If you want to dress as a Greek god, grab a white flat sheet, wrap it around yourself, and boom, you’ve got a toga. Here’s a great WikiHow article with multiple ways to wrap it. If you want to dress it up, add gold accessories, a laurel crown, and sandals. If you want to be a specific god, add an iconic item, like a trident for Poseidon or a bow for Artemis.

If you have a set of letters laying around, Greek life might be the way to go. Throw on a rush t-shirt or official sweatshirt and dress like a classic frat boy or sorority girl. If you want to go the extra mile, dress as a classic early 2010s sorority sister, complete with a chunky necklace, Sperrys, and a Longchamp bag. Bonus points if you know the frat or sorority chant and can recite it from memory. 

Thursday – Harry Potter

Harry Potter day is to spring Spirit Week as Generation Day is to fall Spirit Week. An iconic grade based theme is always fun, but you need to make sure you’re dressing for the correct house. Remember: Freshmen are Hufflepuff (yellow), Sophomores are Ravenclaw (blue), Juniors are Gryffindor (red), and Seniors are Slytherin (green). If you ever wore a school uniform, you’re already halfway there. Grab an old skirt or pair of pants, a polo, and a tie with the same color as your house. Our editor, Katherine Nguyen, suggests going to a thrift store and purchasing a tie in the correct color each year.

After four years, you’ve spent two dollars on Harry Potter day. Save your money.”

— Katherine Nguyen

If you don’t have an old uniform sitting around, don’t worry. Dress in your house’s colors or as your favorite character from that house. For Freshmen, you could dress up as Cedric Diggory or Professor Sprout. For Sophomores, you could dress up as Luna Lovegood or Professor Flitwick. For Juniors, a great trio costume could be Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. If you wanted to be a professor, wear a witch’s hat and long robes, and carry around a stuffed cat to dress as Professor McGonagall. Seniors could dress as Draco Malfoy or reuse a bald cap from Despicable Me day and dress as Lord Voldemort. 

Friday – Wall Day

While I am not at liberty to discuss other grades’ Wall Day themes, I do have some general suggestions. If you are stumped about what to wear, look at Pinterest. If you search “DIY [Wall Day theme] costume,” there are often thousands of blogs with tips and tricks to cheaply make a cool costume. If you are not exactly sure what your theme entails, reach out to your student council members to avoid confusion. A great way to beef up a wall day costume is through accessories. Think about what a character within your theme would carry and don’t forget to be creative. The more interesting the costumes, the more likely a teacher will vote for the wall.

Note: Make sure you bring comfy clothes Thursday and Friday if you are planning on setting up and cleaning up your wall. Remember: if your wall is not cleaned up on Friday afternoon, Wall Day could be taken away.

Raptors, I wish you all a wonderful Spirit Week and I hope that everyone has fun dressing up and getting into school spirit. Go Raptors!