Meet Officer Watson!



Officer Watson

If you haven’t already noticed, we have a new Student Resource Officer on campus this year! Officer Watson can often be seen patrolling the halls or the perimeter making sure everything is safe for us. While of course we all appreciate what he does for our school, it is also important that we get to know him as a person!


We began the interview by asking Officer Watson how long he has been an SRO, which most people would assume has been several years based on his friendly and outgoing personality towards all students and staff of AMHS. However, we were surprised to hear that he has only worked as an SRO for 3 years! Of course, we were anxious to hear what Officer Watson’s favorite part of his job is, which as you would probably expect is “interacting with the students”. Officer Watson seems to have a lifetime of experience at this job as he has it down to a science. Every morning, Officer Watson is sure to offer a kind smile and warm welcome to everyone that enters through the Magnet front entrance, keeping our campus as jubilant and safe as possible. We then proceeded to ask him a variety of questions regarding his Raptor experience thus far. 

  • What is your favorite Magnet event since you have started working at AMHS?
  • Officer Watson quickly answered saying his favorite event so far is without a doubt spirit week because there is “so much energy, everybody is so happy.” He also included that even though “Generation Day was awesome,” his favorite day by far was Wall Day, because of the pep rally. Officer Watson reports, “I hadn’t been to a pep rally since 1990 when I graduated high school.” Magnet sure does do Spirit Week best!


  • Why did you choose to come to AMHS?
  • Officer Watson replied saying, “I heard great things about the school, the students are great, the staff is amazing, I was actually recruited by Principal Perlmutter, they asked me to come here and I said absolutely.” Of course, the unprecedented AMHS student and staff population makes it the best place to be!

  • If you could go to another school in the Charleston area, where would you go?
  • This one took a little bit of thinking, but Officer Watson soon replied confidently, “I would probably go back to my first school, Hunley Park Elementary School, I loved working with the little ones.” I don’t blame him! I would choose to go back to elementary school anyday.


  • Have you tried the Magnet lunch yet? If so, what were your thoughts? 
  • Officer Watson joyfully replied, “Everyday! The chipotle chicken spicy wraps and the orange chicken days are my favorite. The food here is not like other schools. It’s really, really good, you guys are very lucky.” Although I have not tried the chipotle spicy chicken wraps, I can concur with him that the orange chicken is superb. Of course, I reminded Officer Watson that nothing beats the chicken sandwiches and to eat the pizza at his own risk…


From small talk with students in the hall to participating in a variety of Magnet celebrations and events, he has already become an intricate member of the Raptor family and we are so happy to have him!

Then, we switched to some more personal questions. 

  • We started by asking him: Do you have any pets?
  • “I have two pets, one is a full-blooded poodle named Bella and a very boujee cat named Kitty Kitty. She walks around like she owns the place with her tail in the air and she never meows” 
  • He clearly has a lot of love for his pets! Unfortunately, we forgot to ask for a picture of his fluffy friends, so we will have to leave the ideas of Bella and Kitty Kitty up to our own imaginations.

  • We followed that up with: Do you have any kids?, to find out more about his home life and how important it is to him.
  • “I have 2 boys, 11 and 9.” 
  • If you were at the Homecoming Game, you may have remembered meeting one of his sons during the tailgate! When we mentioned how the students sang happy birthday to his son at the D4 stadium, he told us that his son “still brings it up”. We love that Officer Watson and his family have such great connections with the student body!

  • What’s your favorite food?
  • Officer Watson didn’t need a second to think and immediately said tacos. “My favorite place is El Jalapeno in Goose Creek, it’s a new place two minutes from my house. Those people know me by name in there.” 
  • Clearly, being a crucial part of a community is no new feat for Officer Watson. It seems as though his attitude helps him make his mark everywhere he goes!

  • What are your hobbies?
  • “Sports. Football, baseball. I play a lot of sports with my boys.” 
  • You may have seen this answer coming! If you have been to any AMHS sporting event, odds are you have seen Officer Watson interacting with students and parents, making sure we are safe, and watching the action. 

Our favorite question to ask was the one coming up. If there’s one way to get to know someone, it is to ask: What is your dream vacation?

  • “I’ve always wanted to go to Italy to tour the countryside. I know Spanish but not Italian, but I don’t plan on doing much talking, I’ll be drinking “milk”, eating the food, and enjoying myself.” Hopefully Officer Watson is able to live his Italian dream soon!

In the meantime, there is no doubt that he will continue to enrich the Raptor community for years to come. Hopefully this article was able to give you some insight into what Officer Watson is like! When you see him on campus, make sure you give him a wave, a smile, or a hello! Show him your appreciation now that you know about him and all that he does for us!