The End of an Era: Saying Goodbye to Carl Azuz

The word spread like wildfire: messages sent to group chats (fully capitalized), posts made to Snapchat, and cries of confusion and dismay in classrooms everywhere. Who is this guy on the screen, and where is Carl? His name was Coy Wire, and, as for the second question, it seemed like nobody had an answer. People flocked to the internet for any shred of information on the fate of the beloved host. Radio silence.

The Rumors

After Carl Azuz disappeared seemingly without a trace, theories began to swirl online and in-person. One of the most notable was that he was dead, which became quite popular especially on twitter and through unverifiable news articles. It’s important to note that these sources benefit from posting shocking content even if it’s not true, because of the gratification of views, likes, and sometimes ad revenue. Thankfully, this was not true, which he confirmed on his twitter.

Other viewers theorized that he had been fired for any number of reasons. After the return of the show had been delayed several times, Ms. Orr said in class one day that she thought CNN10 had perhaps been cut from CNN due to decreasing profits, which she read about in this NY Times article:

Molly Schweickhardt says that she thinks “something went down in the studio,” and others seem to reflect this sentiment that maybe there was some creative dispute over the future of the show. Other students thought he had left to spend time with his family, or for other personal reasons. Even though it may be the most boring, it’s likely the closest to the truth.

The Whole Truth?

On September 19, Carl Azuz uploaded a TikTok to his account @therealcarlazuz, which has since garnered 1.2 million likes, saying that he’s “fine” and expressing his gratitude for the years of support while hosting the show. He didn’t specify any details on his departure from the show, but he did say that he will be posting on his TikTok more and hinted at another possible endeavor. This possibly could be his Youtube channel which he made on October 1, where he’s been uploading “this day in history” themed TikToks. He has also been liking tweets proclaiming how they love and miss him, but we still can’t determine much about the situation from his point of view.

CNN themselves have been very quiet as well. For a while, it seemed like they were hoping for the uproar to blow over. The first video with Coy had many questioning comments, but the subsequent ones just had the standard comments of teachers asking for shoutouts. This caused some to question if the official account was deleting comments; however, I think it’s more likely that people took their frustrations elsewhere, like Twitter and TikTok.

A CNN spokesperson then told some news sites that “Carl is leaving the company due to a personal decision, and we wish him the very best in his next chapter and future adventures,” after expressing gratitude for the continued support over the years.

At this point, it seems that all we can determine is that Carl Azuz left on his own accord, for reasons that likely won’t be revealed in the foreseeable future, and that we may see him again in future projects.

Looking into the Future

Coy Wire, the new host, has faced a lot of backlash for taking the role of host. It probably didn’t help that on his inaugural episode, he claimed similarity to “Handsome Squidward” from Spongebob, likely to feign relatability, however I think that this came off as more self-absorbed. Sporting a distinct shiny bald head, many viewers had comments to make about his appearance. “I want to know his skin-care routine,” claimed Carolyn Selvidge, and Richie Hinojos on Twitter said “I don’t hate this guy, but his head distracts me. Exactly where Carl’s perfect hair used to be.” Others seem a little less sympathetic towards Coy, with some believing he “stole” Carl’s position, explaining the bitterness. Comments have been made making fun of his name and how it is the combination of both an adjective and a noun, that he seems “too millennial,” his puns seem corny and pandering, while Carl’s were a genuine delight, and most commonly how it’s just not the same.

Before CNN10, he surprisingly played for the Buffalo Bills and Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. This surprised me greatly because he just doesn’t seem like a football player. Then, he worked as a sports anchor for Fox Sports and CNN before becoming host of CNN10.

As a long-time viewer of CNN10 and a dedicated fan of Carl, I still believe that Coy shouldn’t face this hate. Although there are many funny jokes online, there’s nothing to indicate he “stole” Carl’s position in some strategic corporate move. It seems that Carl left for personal reasons and Coy took the opportunity to fill his position, hoping to further his career. In my eyes, it’s better to have a new host than to have no CNN10 at all after Carl’s departure, although I still prefer Carl. Coy’s done nothing wrong yet, and if we give him a chance maybe he’ll take CNN10 in a new direction! We will have to see what the future holds, and if the sentiment against him will wane.


Fans’ reactions ranged from denial to grief to anger at the departure of Carl Azuz. I can’t stress enough how passionately the Raptors, especially in the senior class, were when sharing the news. Leo Li dedicated a touching tribute, with gatorade, to the former host on his Snapchat, and a teacher online, named Brandon Mininni, started a petition on to bring him back. It has only 437 signatures, so it’s safe to say that this probably won’t be bringing him back. A reddit user shared an extremely creepy TikTok of a “shrine” at their school on the forum r/carlazuz that may be going too far. Needless to say, we all handle difficult situations in different ways.

The most overwhelmingly common reaction to Carl Azuz’s departure is that of sadness. It’s evidently clear how beloved the host was, a staple in many classrooms for the past 14 years. He’s remembered for his puns, famous hair, contagious energy, and for brightening countless students’ classrooms for years. While he will be missed, we can all look forward to his future endeavors!