New and Improved Raptor Football Game Themes


The current sporting themes are overused; Lets brainstorm some new themes that the student body would love. Everyone enjoys the Magnet sporting events: football, volleyball, basketball, etc. All these games have outstanding turnouts thanks to our sports teams and engaging themes. Themes are vital in attracting a big crowd to attend a game. They help spread the word about the game, encourage people to bring their friends, and increase overall spirit. When the whole student section is united under one theme, it livens the morale which encourages cheering during their game. Ultimately, sports themes lead to our teams playing better. Ransome Husdson (12), Magnet’s star wide receiver says that, “when I look up at my student section, I feel encouraged to play harder and make my school proud”. So, it is our job to support our school by fully participating in the themes of sporting events. We can accomplish this participation through the creation of new and improved themes. 

Although our current themes are solid (ex: pink out, black out, rave), they are overdone. Every football game for the past four years has rotated between the same five themes. For example, Baywatch, our most recent football theme has been worn out to say the least. I remember being a freshman and thinking how difficult it was to dress up for it. And STILL, as a senior, I struggled to participate. Mary Blake Hand (12) says Baywatch is “tired and irrelevant”. Not to target Baywatch, but I feel it perfectly represents the over done magnet sports themes. Although I appreciate the originality, the student section could definitely benefit from some creativity. It’s time for some fresh themes. This is why I have compiled a list of new ideas that the student council should seriously consider utilizing for future sports games. 


A USA theme would be so easy and would look extremely cohesive. The student section just wears red, white, and blue. Some outfit inspo for the boys would be American flag clothing or just anything red, white, and blue. For the girls, you could easily pair a blue or red bottom with a white top, or vice versa. With all the students wearing the same three colors, the section would look very cohesive. Because of its manageability, this patriotic theme would unite the student section, increasing overall student spirit.


2. Rodeo

Rodeo would be so fun and everyone could get very into it. The attire would consist of boots, a flannel, jeans, and a cowboy hat. These are basic pieces of clothing that almost everyone owns. I won’t lie, I got this theme from other high schools in Charleston. I don’t remember exactly what school did rodeo, but everyone looked so united and they went all out. This level of participation is what we strive for at Magnet, so having a rodeo sports theme would be ideal. Because of its simplicity, the theme would get an amazing turnout. Like I’ve mentioned before, contributing to the overall spirit of our section. 


3. Out of This World

An Out of this World theme would consist of aliens, astronauts, and galactic attire. Although this theme may sound tacky, it would be dazzling to say the least. Some outfit inspo for the girls would be sparkly skirts, alien headbands, and LOTS of glitter. I think this would be super cute and original. This theme is not the most conventional, but it is definitely creative and our student section could benefit from the atypical attire. Another component that could be incorporated could be lights. Out of this world is very futuristic, so the student section could have light up necklaces, flashlights, and even headbands. Overall, this theme may not my top choice, but it is a creative idea that should be utilized. 


4. Camo

Camo is a super straightforward and simple theme. Everyone just wears clothes with camo prints. You can also add your own personalized touch to this outfit. For example, I would add eyeblack to my outfit to give it more of a rugged feel. This would be easy for boys to participate in because most of them own camo clothes or know someone who does. Girls could also easily partake in the theme as well. Camo skirts, shorts, shirts are accessible and could be interpreted in various ways. Like you could wear just black and green clothes or camo print. In total, this theme is ambiguous in a way that makes it easy to dress for and would definitely improve school spirit.


5. Greek

GREEK! This theme would be superb. And yes, I know this is an extremely common senior wall day theme, but it is so popular for a reason. I question why we have never made this a sporting theme. Everyone could wear togas with gold accents. Additionally, the whole student section wearing white would unite us as a whole. The level of participation from students would also be excellent. Making a toga is so easy. All you have to do is tie up a sheet and turn it into a toga. This theme’s simplicity and popularity makes it ideal for any sporting event. I highly recommend this theme for one of next year’s football games. 


There are many more sporting themes I could mention but these are my top 5. I know I am not the only one who gets tired of the same five themes every year. So, in order to make a change, please spread the word about these fresh ideas. Tell your grade’s student council and enlighten them with this revolution. The birdcage has potential to be the top student section in Charleston. However, the only way to achieve this is by maximizing school spirit and unity. These new themes could spark an undiscovered raptor pride hidden in us all. It is our duty to ignite the spark through creativity. LETS GO RAPTORS!