Neymar: The Perfect Chaos

Discussing Neymar Jr.’s Documentary



Neymar Jr.  has been one of the most popular soccer players of the past decade.His flashy play-style which many people first saw when he made his move to Barcelona from Brazil. However, despite his popularity, he has been subject of constant hate and criticism as well. This documentary goes deeper into the backstory for why he does what he does. Each episode covers a  different era of his career so far.  The first episode covers his  early life and time at hometown club Santos.

Episode 1-The Great Brazilian Promise

The episode begins with quotes from those who criticize things like his attitude, or his style. One of the most interesting parts of this documentary is seeing the dynamic which exists between Neymar and his father.  Most people already know of his accolades playing soccer, so this documentary aimed more to talk about his personal life. It  was interesting to see how   far he has come. He began playing as a child in the streets of Sāo Paulo until he was  asked to join an indoor soccer team in 1998. It is evident that his father instilled the mindset needed for Neymar to become great from an early age. His rise to stardom began when he joined his boyhood club, Santos FC. In 2010, Neymar became a national star during a period fans called Neymarmania. However, during this season he was heavily criticized for his attitude on the pitch after a series of outbursts. This same year, his life quickly  changed as he got his girlfriend pregnant. It shows how his dad was there for him and he was able to become a great father to his son. The first episode ends with Neymar’s transfer to F.C. Barcelona.


Episode 2- The Comeback

One thing I found interesting was how much he actually struggled at first in Barcelona. The style of soccer was much different to what it was in Brazil. After one game, he was crying in the locker room after the game and Lionel Messi just told him to be himself and the success would come. In 2014 Brazil hosted their first World Cup since the 1950s. The celebrations quickly turned sour, as the World Cup brought extra attention to the many issues in Brazil. Neymar began the World Cup with multiple great performances. However, his dream start became a nightmare when he was kneed in the back during a hard challenge. In the hospital the doctor told him that “had it been an inch to the side, you’d never have walked again.” He had fractured the third vertebrae in his spine. What came after, was one of the most iconic games in World Cup history. The semi-final was between the hosts, Brazil, and Germany. The game was a disaster for Brazil, as they went on to lose 7-1, breaking millions of Brazilians hearts. In his second season at Barcelona, Luis Suarez joined the club and created what many consider the greatest front 3 in history. Neymar would score in the Champions  League Final and would go on to win it. After this season, he was heavily criticized for his excessive partying. Leading up to the Olympics, many critics said he was no longer interested in the National team. Neymar would lead Brazil to an Olympic Gold Medal, winning his first international trophy. In the following season, Neymar was instrumental to the greatest comeback in Champions League history. After this season, Neymar left to join Paris Saint-Germain, after defeating them the previous season. Even his father believed he should have stayed in Barca. It explains that  Neymar never left to be free from Messi’s shadow as many people believe. His PSG career began with a serious injury where he missed the Quarter-finals of the Champions League. The height of criticism towards Neymar came during the 2018 World Cup. He would often go to ground when  a defender would touch him to try and draw a  foul. Many  called him  a  flopper and  compared him to a child. Once again, Brazil were unable to win the World Cup. His second season was full of even more controversy.

So Neymar will never grow up. He’ll always be a baby.”

Later that year, Neymar was accused of rape by a woman in Paris.  However, the accusation was nothing more than an accusation. The documentary  does a  great  job showing how, these events affected Neymar mentally  and worsened his relationship with his father.

Episode 3- This is Paris

This episode shows how many fans turned on Neymar after he was linked to return to Barcelona. Before a game, he was booed by his own fans, which surprised many of his teammates. The hate seems to motivate him, but also he feels he can never be at home in Paris. This episode focuses much more on Neymar’s personal life and mental health. He struggled after the death of one of his idols, Kobe Bryant. This death led to his father hoping for more for his son, and become like Michael Jordan, who is able to live off the money from when he was playing.It  then shows the  effects of the Coronavirus on sports and how fans were unable to be in the stadium for their Round of 16 victory of Dortmund. During  lockdown, Neymar trained hard to get ready for the Champions League which was set to be restarted. Neymar would help rid PSG of their previous struggles and would reach the Champions League Final

against Bayern Munich.  They would go on to lose  1-0, devastating  Neymar.

Now, Lionel Messi has reunited with Neymar at PSG in hopes to help them to their first Champions League win in their history.