A Ranking of Charli XCX Songs

From the diehard fans to the newcomers, I’ve got exactly what you need

Charli XCX, the world’s unexpected hyperpop (but not) goddess, has a strong discography that without a doubt is hard to navigate if you’re just starting to find her music. Look no further for a complete rating of her current music, with worst to best albums ranked first and then songs within the album ranked, so the Talon’s dear readers can figure out the best Charli songs to play for a great time. 


True Romance

Charli’s first debut album released in 2013, True Romance has a distinct synth darkwave synth pop sound. The album’s vibe reminds me of Black Sheep by Metric, with a bit of a poppier and brighter atmosphere which definitely hints to her evolution into being one of the queens of hyperpop.

  • Nuclear seasons 

6/10, not insanely remarkable, but a solid song and a good start to her debut album.

  • You (Ha Ha Ha)

2/10. Miss girl pulls out all the stops with the Lauv-Tiagz-Powerpoint-inspirational background music, and makes a bit of a bumpy song that doesn’t really flow the way I wish it did. I had to skip halfway through because it got aggressively repetitive. Sorry Charli. 

  • Take My Hand

4/10 This song feels like it would play in a club montage of the movie adaptation of a YA love story.

  • Stay Away

4/10 We get some darker beats from Charli in this one, and the intro kinda reminds me of Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. At this point, we can kinda figure that this is her debut album because of the constant repetition of the chorus in almost every song.

  • Set Me Free (Feel My Pain)

7/10 Charli goes full darkwave in this song, which at first I wasn’t so into, but after the first minute the song picks up and you start enjoying it. I still think that the intense use of electronic music and synth kind of distracts or feels more like a buzzing in your ear rather than adding to the song, but this might be my favorite on the album…

  • Grins

6/10 This song is also one of the top contenders of the album. It reminds me of the Rainbow Road track on Mario Kart and I gotta say, I like that. 

  • So Far Away

6/10 This song gives me some Gaga-esque energy in the first few seconds, and then like darkwave emo speaking-singing, but it has a really nice ambience, I won’t lie, I’m kinda in love. 

  • Cloud Aura (feat. Brooke Candy)

2/10 This sounds like a song that would play in a Forever 21 while I feel like I’m about to pass out.

  • What I Like

3/10 She starts to redeem herself for the album in this song, but still just does not hit for me. 

  • Black Roses

7/10 Now here I’m starting to remember why I love Charli XCX again. The synth and electronic darkwave moment hits just right here, so whoever did the production on this song, I’d like to shake their hand but then ask them why they messed up on half of the songs on this album. 

  • You’re the One

7/10 This actually might be my strongest contender for first place… Something about the mix of strong electronic beats and the phenomenal chorus just is so perfect. Added this to my Liked Songs on Spotify almost immediately.

  • How Can I 

3/10. Background music. Not a strong song for me I must say.

  • Lock You Up

5/10. The closing song to the album, she has a bit of a Christine and the Queens sound, and it feels like what you’d find in a movie scene that either takes place in a cyber-future or is about a video game. I kinda love. 



  • Sucker

6/10. This is clearly Charli’s mega pop, Gaga-esque era. Nothing wrong with going fierce pop, but you can tell she’s adjusting to how to fit herself into a genre and stay herself. 

  • Break the Rules

6/10. She very much was in her growing lyricist era, but it adds a fun edge, with her chorus being “I don’t want to go to school, I just want to break the rules”.

  • London Queen

7/10. Making sure that we don’t forget that she is in fact, a London queen, she emphasizes her Britishness in this song, whether we want it or not. It’s fun to see how she compares her British ways to how she lives in America, and her lyrics are definitely a wholly good time. 

  • Breaking Up

7/10. Not the craziest song she’s made, it just kind of rings of fun pop. Definitely a breakup anthem for those that need it. 

  • Gold Coins

4/10. Nothing crazy in this one either, just a similar vibe of the album.

  • Boom Clap

10/10. Now here we go. Without a doubt, you’ve heard this song, one of the biggest anthems of our 2010 childhood. For those The Fault in Our Stars fan, this song changed you and you’ve never been the same since. The best song on the album, and the reason why Charli ever went viral. 

For those The Fault in Our Stars fan, this song changed you and you’ve never been the same since.”

  • Doing It (ft. Rita Ora)

2/10. For some irrational reason, Rita Ora rubs me the wrong way by simply existing, so I must say I am not a big fan. It’s not an awful song though, it’s alright. 

  • Famous

8/10. I won’t lie, Famous kinda goes crazy, giving some proper Teen Beach Movie aesthetic. 

  • Hanging Around

4/10. That classic drum-clap sound, it’s without a doubt a 2010 song. 

  • So over You

6/10. Another breakup banger, Charli must have been going through a moment, but knowing her, she does it with style and always has a good time. 

  • Die Tonight

7/10. I actually kinda love this song, she’s just having a fun time, and that’s what we all need right now. 

  • Caught in the Middle

4/10. A bit too repetitive for my taste, but it’s a nice time.

  • Need ur Luv

5/10. This is 100% a movie that would be in a romcom montage that has some comedic value to it, and I’m not anti, but I also won’t say I’m it’s biggest fan. 

Pop 2

Charli goes crazy with the features on Pop 2, and truly grows into her hyperpop sound. Overall, the album feels more comfortable and familiar for what we want Charli and her music to be, and it’s the start of many continued collaborations that helped to kickstart others’ careers and some phenomenal songs. 

  • Backseat ft. Carly Rae Jepsen

9/10. Carly Rae, our Call Me Maybe queen, takes a spin on her usual music to join Charli here, and it’s so good. Hyperpop is at its finest here, (emphasis on the pop), and you’re left singing their praises.

  • Out of My Love ft. Tove Lo and Alma

6/10. Throwing it back to her pop roots, this song is purely just a fun time. A bit repetitive, so beware, but it’s enjoyable, there’s no doubt about it. 

  • Lucky

6/10. One of the only songs that does not have a feature on the album, Charli goes for more of a sad and lamenting sound. The vocal autotune sounds pretty and very clearly on purpose, but adds to the energy which is nice. 

  • Tears ft. Caroline Polachek

8/10. Caroline Polachek is a god in her own right. I will personally eat up any song she puts out, so naturally I’m a little biased in this Caroline x Charli collab. 

  • I Got It ft. Pablo Vittar and CupcakKe

4/10. CupcakKe is featured on this song, so it’s exactly what you would expect. Definitely not a bad thing, but I don’t have much to say other than that.

  • Femmebot ft. Dorian Electra and Mykki Blanco

6/10. This song was before Dorian Electra did what he did (I won’t name the specifics but I am unable to look at them the same), and their feature on this song made it all the better. A very techno deep voice vibe. 

    • Delicious ft. Tommy Cash

5/10. Not my favorite song on the album…Tommy Cash doesn’t really do it for me, and while I like Charli’s repetitive choruses at times, it gets a little out of hand with the sound and lyrics.

  • Unlock It ft. Jay Park and Kim Petras

10/10. A phenomenal song. Quite literally the best song on the album and one of the best songs in her entire discography. Many of you have probably heard this song on TikTok, but no matter where you’ve heard it, this song is a masterpiece in of itself and Kim Petras is one of my favorite collaborators with Charli XCX, they never fail to make an amazing song. Jay Park also knocks it out of the park, even if his lyrics are a little goofy, they are in the best way.

  • Porsche ft. MØ

9/10. Her last collaboration on the album, this song feels more genuine with vocals being the central part of the song, and it makes you remember that she isn’t just a talented producer, but a talented singer and a fun lyricist. This is one of the strongest contenders on the album. 

  • Track 10

9/10. Think, 100gecs mixed with new-age Charli. She gives a sneak peek into her song “Blame It On Your Love”, on her 2019 album, Charli. Track 10 features no collabs, but gives you insight into her music evolution, fully forming into a hyperpop icon.


Charli returns two years after Pop 2, and there are no disappointments with this album. 

  • Next Level Charli

5/10. Not my favorite song on the album, but a solid introduction to her music as it evolves from the Pop 2 sound. 

  • Gone ft. Christine and the Queens

10/10. One of the best songs on the album, this is a song that you can listen to for hours and hours and days and days and never get tired. Christine and the Queens is so perfect when it comes to collaborating with Charli, and this song is just perfect. 

  • Cross you out ft. Sky Ferreira

6/10. Sky Ferreira makes an appearance for the first time in years since her last releases, and it’s most definitely a statement song. 

  • 1999 ft. Troye Sivan

10/10. Another one of the best songs on the album, Charli and Troye Sivan are having the best time of their lives here. Also another song you won’t ever get tired of. 

  • Click ft. Kim Petras

10/10. Charli and Kim Petras make a comeback, and as per usual, it just does not disappoint. There’s a bit of 100gecs-esque production, but that just makes it great to listen on a drive.

  • Warm ft. Haim

10/10. I know I have an unnecessary amount of “best songs” on this album, but this one takes another spot on my list, for not just the amazing qualities of the song but also for the love I hold for the Haim sisters. It’s definitely more lowkey than the other collabs, but it still has a star power quality and strong production value. 

  • Thoughts

4/10. One of Charli’s no-collab songs on the album, I have to admit I barely ever give this song a listen. I’d say it’s a good time for driving around and having a think because that’s literally what the song is about.

  • Blame it on your love ft. Lizzo

7/10. Now here we have a revamped version of Track 10 from Pop 2, and with a Lizzo feature. I can’t say I’m crazy about Lizzo, but this song is most definitely a good time and for those who lean more into the real real pop genre. 

  • White Mercedes

7/10. Charli’s vocals make a stand in this song, fueling an emotion-filled song that definitely leans more pure pop, but you can tell it is also pure Charli. 

  • Silver Cross

6/10. Charli does what she knows best, and that’s returning to her hyperpop moment.

  • I Don’t Wanna Know 

3/10. Probably my least favorite song on the album, she gets a little more emo.

  • Official

5/10. She continues this more emotional vibe, but it’s pretty well done.

  • Shake it

1/10. This is the worst song on the album. I honestly hate it.

  • February 2017

2/10. For the Pisces out there, you can stay away from this song. This does not do February any justice unfortunately, it’s just a wholly mellow song that I probably won’t ever listen to again.

  • 2099 ft. troye sivan

3/10. Her first collab with Troye was amazing, but this one did not do it for me. The production is cool to listen to when wearing headphones because of how the sounds move around you, but the song itself is nothing to feel crazy about. An unfortunate end to the album.

 how i’m feeling now

My favorite album of hers, Charli released this one during quarantine and it genuinely has no skips. Disclaimer though, I was going through my 100gecs phase while I was obsessing over this, but even still I’ll shuffle the album for hours and it still hits. This song has zero collaborations and was done entirely at her home during quarantine, and this is probably the best thing that she has ever released. 

  • pink diamond

7/10. This one is kind of an insane and wild first song to start the album off with, so I’d recommend leaving it for after you’ve listened to a few unless you’d like to dive head first into hyperpop at its finest. 

  • forever

10/10. One of my favorite songs maybe ever made, I can’t even explain how perfect this song is. 

  • claws

9/10. The randomness of her lyrics in this song makes it all the more special, although some might hate it. 

  • 7 years

9/10. This is a song to blast at the highest volume possible.

  • detonate

10/10. I genuinely love the lyrics in this song, it’s just perfect.

  • enemy 

10/10. Another song with gorgeous lyrics, I love the way her vocals overlaid on a Twin Peaks-esque beat.

  • i finally understand

9/10. A video game-esque moment of a song, she’s having a bit of a serious epiphany moment and it sounds amazing.

  • c2.0

7/10. Another revamped version, she redoes her song Click with Kim Petras from Pop 2, with a bit of a personal spin and a thick hyperpop production value sound. Good for the 100gecs fans.

  • party 4 u

10/10. One of the best songs on the album, another perfect, ace in the hole type of song. You can cry and rage to this song, it has the perfect amount of range. In love. 

  • anthems

8/10. This is another song to blast in the car, or just blast in general, definitely a song that belongs in a club. 

  • visions

10/10. One of the best songs that she’s ever made to end an album, it’s pretty perfect. 


This is Charli’s newest album that’s still currently in the works. We’ve gotten three songs that have been released as singles for it so far, so I’ll give my take.

  • Good Ones

7/10 This was the first one we got, and introduced Charli back into her status as a pure pop icon, which was a wholly good time and her music video where she was dancing on a gravestone definitely turned heads. A real back-to-her-roots Charli moment.

  • New Shapes (ft. Christine and the Queens and Caroline Polachek)

10/10 After looking at the features, need I say more? Definitely the strongest contender out of the songs released so far, this one take the cake as one of my most favorite Charli songs ever made.

  • Beg For You (ft. Rina Sawayama)

6/10 Anyone who is anyone knows that Rina is one of the most talented people on this earth and has created some of the finest hyperpop music known to man. Beg For You, however, does not entirely channel that. This was a collab I was waiting for for years, and let me just say I wasn’t entirely convinced. 

Honorable (and Necessary) Mentions

These songs need no introduction. You’ve heard them before, and you’ve loved them. That’s all that needs to be said.

Vroom Vroom

I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) by Icona Pop 2013


And won’t that, I rest my case. Charli XCX is a pop and hyperpop icon who deserves the world’s respect for her craft