Anne Rodgers’ Coloring Books for Honduras: Donate to Empower Students in Poverty

Honduran students

Only 3 out of 10 Honduran children have access to secondary education. Even if they’re close enough to attend school, there’s still an average of a four-hour walk for children in a rural village of Honduras to reach a secondary school. But, children often leave school at the age of 13 to work in the fields. In other cases, girls of this age leave due to early marriage and are often pregnant within the year. Clearly, obtaining an education is a struggle for the 60.2% of Hondurans that live below the poverty line. This is where junior Anne Rodgers comes in.

Anne wanted all girls to have the same opportunities she does. This dream is what inspired her to focus her thesis on creating a coloring book for schoolchildren in Honduras, where 46% of children never finish primary school. Here’s what she had to say about her inspiring project:

A page in Anne’s coloring book

I am studying gender discrimination and empowerment in education, specifically what factors inhibit girls from attending school. Through research, I found poor, rural schools in Honduras. This summer, I am going to Honduras to teach students in these schools about gender equality and the importance of staying in school. These schools are so run down that the children do not have books and basic supplies, and the facilities are so run down that many schools are one room with dirt floors no toilets, desks, anything. I am fundraising money in order to pay for travel expenses to Honduras as well as money to buy books and classroom supplies for the children. ALL donations are needed and helpful, these books and supplies we raise will likely be the only books the children have throughout their childhood. I am going to schools in Marcala, La Florida, and El Sauce. In addition, I am making 300 coloring books to serve as an educational tool to use to open the discussion about the benefits of staying in school with the students. It is going to be a fun way to educate students about the power of education!

Anne’s coloring book

Please donate at, or donations can be given to either Anne Rodgers or Mrs. Merriman. Donations will be used for travel fees to Honduras, coloring book publication, as well as other books for the children.

Honduran classroom that Anne will visit
Honduran girl studying hard