Liam Christensen’s Success with the Javelin Throw

Eleni Gaspar, Staff Writer



Academic Magnet sophomore Liam Christensen is a member of the 2015 track and field team. Not only does he participate in the 800 meter run, but he is also adept at the javelin throw. Liam tried out for a club track team and noticed someone doing the javelin throw and instantly became interested in this sport. He decided to try it, and not only loved the sport, but became very successful at it. Ever since Liam has been participating in the javelin throw at track meets and continues to train. One reason he has stuck with this is because he really enjoys the training. It consists of a lot of running, throwing and upper-body conditioning, but it is a good way to keep him in shape and occupy his time.1063123_10200444064367654_338358735_n

Liam has dedicated a lot of time to this sport which has paid off. Last year he was able to travel to Humble, Texas to compete in the USA Track and Field National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championship. He was already ranked number one in the country for his age division before going, and was able to win a national championship. Liam won the javelin throw for the 15-16 boys at the event for his final throw. He was able to throw his 8-foot spear 189 feet and 8 inches. After winning the national title Liam says he was, “kind of relieved because the competition was a little too intense”. During the competition he had been knocked back to second place, but was able to pull through; however, he described the experience as “very nerve racking”.1062781_10200444068127748_378438221_n

Liam found his success with help from his coach Michael Flournoy. His coach did not actually start throwing the javelin until Liam took an interest in it. Liam said it was a good experience, because they really learned the whole process together. Flournoy, however, was very helpful in the technique that goes with throwing the javelin. His coaching methods were extremely effective and helped   to improve Liam’s strength, but most importantly his technique. He is extremely helpful working with younger people on the team. Although it was a learning process for both, Liam says he could not be where he is now without his coach.