Farewell Ms. Dover

Saying goodbye to Magnet’s beloved data and attendance clerk


Dear Ms. Dover,

It was with heavy hearts that we learned of your departure. For the past three years, you have had such a large impact on the Magnet community. For those of us who often found ourselves getting to school past the 8:30 bell, you were the first face we saw in the morning, smiling as we rushed into the doors. You never questioned us or commented on us not getting to school on time, and instead you chose to tell us good morning and wished us a wonderful day. You were also the last face that some of us saw at the end of the day as we came by to leave for an appointment, family trip, or college tour. No matter what the reason was, you would tell us goodbye and to drive safely.

Whether coming into school, leaving school, or simply stopping by to say hello, conversations with you were always entertaining and never failed to leave a smile on our faces. Your ability to converse with anyone in the student body is truly impressive and is something that all administrators should aim to do. Another quality we admire is your kindness. You exceeded what was required of you to ensure that all of our needs were met and tried your best to spread your happiness and positivity to all who walked through your doors. It is because of this that you developed a connection with many of us and became one of our favorite members of the AMHS staff, as we could tell you are someone who truly cared about each and every student.

As a final goodbye, some of us would like to share our most memorable moments or favorite things about you:

“Ms. Dover is an irreplaceable figure in society, she truly was for the people. May we all have her in high praise and aspire to be like her in our future endeavors.” – Harman Pelia (12)

“Ms. Dover has done a great job. She will be very hard to replace.” – Ms. Hurt

“I was accidentally marked absent for one of my classes and when I went to tell Ms. Dover, she was very understanding and solved the issue immediately.” – McKenna Ronchetto (12)

“I went to middle school at SOA, so I have been seeing Ms. Dover on campus for 6 years now. It’s hard to imagine what it is going to be like without her.” – Emma Morrison (11)

“Ms. Dover has such a unique and amazing personality. She never failed to make me laugh when I was in her office.” – Burton McCulley (10)

“She is always very happy and positive. It’s always pleasant to have communication with her.” – Dr. Lupo

Ms. Dover, we thank you so much for all that you have done for us. We will miss you dearly, but know that you will continue to do amazing things and can only hope that you will impact the lives of those students and teachers as you have ours. Best of luck at your teacher training program and please come visit soon.


Academic Magnet High School