Hannah Waddell’s Unique Interest in Motorcycling


AMHS Senior, Hannah Waddell, enjoys a pastime that may seem different and dangerous to other students. A year and a half ago Hannah’s dad purchased a motorcycle for himself, which is something that Hannah has always been interested in. When her dad allowed her to ride his motorcycle, Hannah then had to get her motorcycle license.

First, Hannah got her permit, which is more just like a restriction, and she did not have to have a parent when riding. To get her full license she then had to take a road test, which is actually just a fifteen-minute test in the parking lot going through different obstacles. After receiving her motorcycle license she was free to drive it completely on her own with no restrictions.

Although she does not ride it to school, and does not usually have time during the weekday, she joy rides the motorcycle during the weekends. Her favorite places to ride are downtown Charleston, Francis Marion National Forest, and alongside the beach. In order to ride she has to wear a helmet, jeans, boots and sometimes a jacket depending on the weather. She also wears a safety vest with reflective gear in order to be seen while riding.

Her mom is not crazy about the motorcycle, and therefore Hannah usually avoids going to her mom to ask about going out on the bike. Although motorcycles can be scary, Hannah has been interested in them for such a long time, and hopes to get one when she goes to college to have for the rest of her life.