Ranking Every Fortnite Season

An Honest Review of Each Fortnite Season


As many of you may know, Fortnite has been one of the most popular games in the world for almost half of a decade.  However, despite its popularity many would argue that many of its more recent seasons have been very disappointing in comparison to its earlier counterparts.

14. Season 6- This season was the beginning of the end in terms of Fortnite’s era of greatness. The season had one of the worst Battle Passes in Fortnite’s history, along with bad map updates. The Werewolf skin epitomizes my hate for this season. Overall, the season’s story line was dumb especially when “Fortnightmares” began and they introduced Husk’s which were basically AI zombies which attacked you.

13. Season X- Mechs… This was possibly the worst thing the developers at Epic Games added in the history of Fortnite. The Mechs were basically an over-powered vehicle which would destroy your builds with ease and kill you just as easily. The season may have gotten better after these were removed, but I was not playing to find out.

12. Season 9- This season was very forgettable (part of the reason I just put this season where it is). I am pretty sure that this was the season with the battle between the mecha team leader and the Monster from Frozen Peak. Other than that nothing about this season sticks out, which is why it was not in the F tier.

11. Season 8- This season is very low because of the fact that this season made me officially quit Fortnite. The Battle Pass was very bad compared to the Season 7 one. However, the Season did end well with the Butterfly Event which brought many players back, as many thought that the popular location, Tilted Towers would be returning. Even though it did not return, this event saw the reintroduction of many popular weapons which had been removed from the game.

10. Season 3 Chapter 2-  Fortnite tried to do too much with this season, as almost half the map was covered in water. Again, they offered a subpar battle pass and left very little reason to play the game.

9. Season 4 Chapter 2- I did not play much during this season, so it is a little hard to judge, but the addition of Iron Man and other popular Marvel characters is a cool idea.

8. Season 1 Chapter 2- This season somewhat revived itself after the failure of Season 10, as the mechs were removed from the game. The ability to fish for loot and consumables was very interesting and swimming allowed for players to move more quickly around the map.

7. Season 2 Chapter 2- This was the best season which was released after the introduction of Chapter 2. It may not have been the best in terms of gameplay, but I was still able to enjoy myself, which I had not in a long time on Fortnite. The new locations like the Rig and the Yacht were great POIs. The Battle pass was much better than the previous season’s, as the Midas skin has great unlockable styles.

6.  Season 5- From this season on, every season on the list is a very fun and playable season. The addition of rifts added a new element to the game and allowed for a good form of transportation around the map. The new locations introduced were also very good spots to land. The first day of this season was the most fun I had while playing Fortnite, but it unfortunately did not hold up for its entirety.

5. Season 7- After the failures of Season 6, Fortnite delivers with the perfect Winter themed season. With a great battle pass and new locations which fit the winter theme, this season provided a great foundation. New transportation methods like the snowboard offered a fun way to get around the map quickly.

4. Season 1- The perfect introduction to a Battle Royale game. I may not have played much during this season to fully offer an accurate review, but when I did play it was incredibly fun as everyone was very bad and just trying to learn the ropes of the new game.

3. Season 4- This season had the best story line and events. The Rocket Launch event is still possibly the best game-related event in Fortnite’s history. It also came with possibly the best Level 100 Battle pass skin, the Omega. This is probably when Fortnite reached its peak in terms of popularity.

2. Season 2- This was the peak in terms of the amount of fun I had playing this game. Just getting on everyday with a group of friends and struggling to get a win was so much fun. Those who got the battle pass were very lucky, as it came with some of the best and most original skins in Fortnite.  Also, the Christmas theme towards the end  of the Season was very well done with the addition of Christmas trees and bushes with Christmas lights.

1.Season 3- It is just the best season that Fortnite has released. Every skin in the Battle Pass was well done and original.  The Reaper Skin(John Wick) is a top 2 Level 100 Skin just after the Omega from Season 4. The Map in this Season is the best Fortnite has had. Overall, this season was the most fun all the way through.