Rating Netflix’s controversial decisions for 2021

a few shows they should NOT have taken off and some amazing ones they added


Hi guys!! Welcome to my very first article of 2021. Today I have come to you with good and bad news.

bad first, unfortunately:


shows that left Netflix in 2021:

Gossip Girl 0/10. I can not explain to you how depressing this is. Gossip Girl is my go to favorite. I will admit, though, that I skip around and have not watched all six seasons. Now, I guess I will never be able to:/

I have a quote from a fellow senior, Mccabe Templeton, that sums it up perfectly.

“I was trying to enjoy my New Years Eve watching Gossip Girl. Then, as midnight hit it suddenly disappeared. I am in mourning. Still.”

— Mccabe Templeton

You can watch Gossip Girl on HBO max if you have a subscription, or pay the dreaded $1.99 on Amazon prime.


The Office 3/10. Okay, before you attack me, I have never really been able to get into watching the Office for some reason. I know other people find it hilarious, both my sisters watch it regularly. They will show me an episode cracking up, and I just stare at it blankly. However, I still ranked it a 3 out of 1o since I know people were super upset about it.


You can watch the first two seasons on Peacock (a relatively new streaming service) for free.

Speaking of comedy tv shows, I will never ever forgive Netflix for taking off Friends. Now, I have to pay 1.99 on Amazon video every single time I want to see it. Truly tragic.

movies that left Netflix:

The Notebook 4/10 

The Notebook was such a iconic sad love movie. Will it make you cry? yes. But you watch it for that purpose and that purpose alone. Not my favorite movie ever, so I am not unbearably upset with Netflix for taking it off Netflix. Still seems a little uneccessary though.

Mary Poppins Returns 10/10

Considering I never even watched this movie while it was on Netflix, it clearly was not that good. I feel like some movies should just not be turned into a series. I just think its hard to watch a movie similar to a well-loved one, but with a different plot and characters. It makes you nostalgic.

best show that arrived:

Bridgerton 15/10

This show is basically a Gossip Girl set in the early 1800s in London. There is a character who writes under the name “Lady Whistledown” in a magazine type pamphlet that spills all the drama of the wealthy families. Similar to Gossip Girl, this unknown person narrates each episode and is determined her true identity will not come out. There is only one season with 8 one hour episodes, so you could definitely finish it in just a few days. Although women have very little power in this time period, the show is portrayed with a very feminist perspective. Of the two oldest sisters, one wants to marry for love despite society pushing her into the very first marriage she can secure. The other refuses to marry and wants nothing more than to go to University. It kind of reminds me of a mix of Gossip Girl and Little Women. This show seemed to have changed in a single week from no one knowing about it to everyone talking about it.

Perfect example: I was at dinner with a few of my friends on Friday and I was talking about Bridgerton, trying to convince them to watch it. Our waiter goes,

“So sorry to interrupt, but are y’all talking about Bridgerton? My roommate keeps trying to convince me to watch it””

— our waiter


best movie that arrived:

17 again 8/10

Has Zac Efron in it which automatically moves it up at least 4 points. This movie features a bored 30 year something year old guy who is teetering on the edge of a midlife crisis, wishing he could start over. Then, he wakes up and realizes he is back to 17. The plot follows how he handles this chance of a “redo”.

I love this movie partially because I  am 17 so it makes me want to actually do things and not waste away my life sitting in front of a computer screen (which is what I am doing oops. I have been sitting in front of a computer since 8:30 this morning straight except for a 30 minute lunch break. My laptop is currently on 20 percent and I still have 2 and a half more hours of sitting in front of my computer.)


Tangent aside: watch the movie. it will definitely make you feel motivated to get off the couch and work on your goals for 2021

watch the movie. it will definitely make you feel motivated to get off the couch and work on your goals for 2021”

— me


All I am going to say to finish off my article is, whatever you do Netflix, please do not take Vampire Diaries off of Netflix. That would be too sad to even consider.