Who’s Your Senior Valentine?


Attention Lady Raptors!  In honor of Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, take this quiz to find out who should be your senior Valentine!


1.  What would be your ideal way to spend a Saturday?

A) Hit the beach to ride some glossy waves

B) Venture into the great outdoors for some huntin’

C) Volunteer to assist research doctors at MUSC

D) Mix some mad beats for a DJ gig


2.  What qualities do you look for in a man?

A) Relaxed, easy-goin’

B) Confidently suave

C) Passionately intellectual

D) Underground


3.  At which restaurant would you be most likely to be found eating?
A) Fast and French

B) Longhorn Steakhouse

C) Nirlep Indian Cuisine

D) CO Thai Cuisine


4.  What concert ticket would you be most likely to buy?

A) Future Islands

B) Luke Bryan

C) Charleston Symphony

D) Skrillex


5.  At which store on King Street would you be most likely to shop?

A) Quicksilver

B) Half Moon Outfitters

C) Berlin’s

D) Earthbound


6.  What is your favorite subject?

A) English

B) History

C) Math

D) Science


7.  What is your favorite sport?

A) Soccer

B) Baseball

C) Academic Team

D) DJ-ing


8.  What website would we find on your computer’s history?

A) magic.wizards.com

B) espn.go.com

C) www. wolframalpha.com (online calculator)

D) http://soundcloud.com


9.  Where do you see yourself going to college?

A) Davidson

B) USC Gooooooo Cocks!!

C) Harvard

D) Berklee School of Music


10.  What would you be most likely to watch on TV?

A) Workaholics

B) Duck Dynasty





Mostly A’s:  Coleman Richards

c2   c1    c3

Mostly B’s:  Adam Ackerman

a3    a1

Mostly C’s: Vaibhav Mohanty

v1  Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 12.51.18 PM   v3

Mostly D’s: Kilbey McCormick

k1  k3k2