Magnifesto No. 3: Long Live Spirit Week

Selina Pi, Editor


Magnet started the week with Charleston Derby Day. Preppy students in bowties, southern belles, Cooper River Bridge runners, and even a Cooper River Bridge strolled through the halls. The next day was Twin Day Tuesday. Wednesday was Mathlete vs. Athlete Day, filled with tennis rackets, ping pong paddles, and real math competition participants. On Thursday, freshmen were Hufflepuff, sophomores were Ravenclaw, juniors were Gryffindor, and seniors were Slytherin. Lastly, the student body went all out for Coming Home Day. The freshmen class’s farm theme came in 4th place, and the junior theme, slumber party, got 3rd place. Sophomores, in 2nd place, decorated their hall in the style of James Cameron’s Avatar. The senior Vikings received first prize.

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