Ranking Magnet’s Students Costumes

With COVID-19 there were many questions as to what Halloween would look like this year, some believed that no one would dress up… but I had faith. I knew I could count on my fellow Raptors to show-up on Halloween night with creative costumes, and they did.

As a huge Halloween enthusiast, I thought I’d be the perfect person to judge these costumes and I have decided to rank some of the costumes I had sent to me. The three categories that I will be ranking are: individual costumes, duo costumes, and group costumes.

Ranking of Individual Costumes

First Place: Josie Massenet as Vector from Despicable Me

First place goes to Josie, I gave her this title due to the fact this costume made me chuckle when I saw this. I also appreciate the little details of the costume like the helmet and sticker, instead of just wearing some orange and calling it a day. Good job Josie.

Second Place: John Thomas as a Hotdog

Completely honest, John would not have received second place for this costume if it wasn’t for the fact this picture itself is funny. The awkward stance and John’s monotone face made me chuckle so I thought to reward it with second place. Congrats John.

Third Place: Sydney Isaacks as an Angel

Third place went to Sydney, the idea of the costume itself is kinda basic which lost it some points but the execution was there. I also like the snowman socks in the pic. Nice going Sydney!


Ranking of Duo Costumes

First Place: Mary Routh and Anna Cook 

First place goes to these girls due to the fun twist on a typically boring costume, instead of just being a basic Disney princess they decided to be arrested Disney characters with Mary as Cinderalla (arrested for breaking house arrest) and Anna as Tinkerbell (arrested for flying under the influence). Great costume guys.

Second Place: Evie Otis and Brady Siegan

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass get second place. The costume idea is a great go-to for couples and I especially appreciate the dedication, even going as far as Brady coloring his hair brown for the night. Good work you two.

Third Place: India Weiman and Indigo Steedley

I want to start off by clarifying that third place does not mean last, as many costumes sent in weren’t even ranked due to me only being required to make this article to be a certain number of words, I just picked my top threes. I like the coordination of these two costumes and the pic itself is pretty good. You can tell some planning went into these costumes, love to see it.


Ranking of Group Costumes

First Place: Collin Brientnall, Olivia Niesse, Christina Dolan,  and Niko Apostolou

Before you ask, yes I put myself and my friends in first place. If you have a problem with this write your own article and change it. Even without bias, we obviously would get first with the originality of each costume (Niko as Sikowitz from Victorious, Christy as Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman, Olivia as Sam from Danny Phantom, and me as Elton John in a denim-patch outfit). Good going guys, proud of the costumes.

Second Place: Taryn Crowley, Hallie Cole, Maggie Garrigan, and Destiny Vincent 

Second place goes to this group of junior girls as Monster High characters. I like the aesthetic of this show so decided to give them second place. We’ve got: Taryn as Draculaura, Maggie as Frankie, Destiny as Clawdeen, and Hallie as Ghoulia. Like the costumes guys, great job!

Third Place: Marshall Fleming, John O’Neill, Brett Cox, and Sam Whelan

Third place goes to these guys due to John O’Neill (the banana) carrying the group. The Joker (Marshall) was over done in my opinion this year but still good. I do not know what Sam was supposed to be and Brett (Harris Teeter worker) isn’t really a costume. Still good costumes though, not complaining. Good job boys.


That’s all I got for you guys, hope you enjoyed. If you have any problem or disagree with what I said, please remember (as I’ve stated in previous articles in the past), this is my article, not y’alls. Bye raptors.