Vote for Trump


Kristen Cooper, Staff Writer



To say that Trump has a terrible habit of ticking people off is an understatement. I won’t sugarcoat it, much of what comes out of his mouth is just… plain rude. Fortunately, the president’s job is to enact and suggest policies. Trump’s policies are what directly affect the American people – not his tweets or spur-of-the-moment statements. When you examine the President’s actual platform, it’s actually not that bad. In fact, when you look at his record, it contains none of the horrible, racist content he’s often accused of. Here, I discuss some of his successes in office and highlight just a few of his strong suits. 

Let’s start with the coronavirus. Joe Biden is currently slamming the president for his handling of the coronavirus, which is somewhat ironic because the candidate never wanted to close the country in the first place. When Trump first closed travel with China, Biden slammed the move as xenophobic, a statement that he later lied about once it became clear that the decision was the right choice. The truth is, when it comes to the coronavirus, Biden’s got nothing to stand on. When you look at his plan, it looks an awful lot like Trump’s. During both presidential debates, Biden touted his plans to develop a vaccine, improve rapid testing, and distribute the vaccine quickly to the American people. The fact is, that the Trump administration is already doing all of these things. Not only have they worked with businesses to improve testing and create ventilators, but they already have a vaccine in development and a plan in place for when it’s ready. The only main difference in the plans is that Biden wants to establish national standards for reopening while Trump believes the decision should be left up to the states.

President Trump and First Lady Melania pay a surprise visit to US troops in Iraq

Another major reason to vote for Trump is his foreign policy.  Managing foreign affairs is one of the main jobs of the president as outlined in the Constitution and on this, Trump has done an exceptionally good job. To begin with, the administration has done wonders in the Middle East. His presidency has seen the overthrow of ISIS, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Northern Syria, and three major peace deals. This year, Trump made history when he negotiated the first Arab-Israeli peace agreements since the 1980s. The United Arab Emirates, Sudan, and Bahrain have all made peace with Israel, opening new opportunities for travel and trade. The Trump administration has also helped reform the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, is a military alliance between European and North American Countries. Currently, the US pays for 70% of all NATO military operations, meaning that US citizens are picking up the majority of the mutual defense tab. The Trump administration has pressured the rest of NATO into contributing a greater percentage of funding – while still providing resources to members in need like the Ukraine. Trump has also worked to lessen Chinese and Russian control over the United Nations. In 2017, he withdrew the country from the Paris Climate Accords, an unenforceable agreement unfairly biased against the US. In addition, Trump has pressured the World Health Organization over its response to the coronavirus. 

Some other reasons to vote for Trump:

President Trump holds up the document officially pardoning Alice Johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison for distributing cocaine in 1996.
  • He signed a bill giving millions to historically black colleges
  • He was the first first-term president in support of gay marriage
  • He ended catch-and-release. Under this policy, immigrants awaiting court decisions were released into the country. In 2014, only 50% of immigrants returned on their court date 
  • He killed Soleimani, a prominent Iranian terrorist leader directly responsible for the deaths of American soldiers
  • He opposes abortions if babies can survive outside the womb
  • Before the coronavirus hit, unemployment rates were at an all time low. These included historically low rates for African-Americans and other minorities