Best Milkshakes in Charleston


Milkshakes are one of the most revered treats in the food industry. Everyone knows some mainstream chains with banger milkshakes but in the Charleston area there are definitely a load of places with fantastic shakes. Although there are tons of great milkshake spots in Charleston, I had to condense the list into my favorite 4.


Woodward’s Tavern, Mount Pleasant.

Always a go-to for me for a quality burger and milkshake. With a great presentation of the shake in that beautiful glass and the cookies, cake and cream that sit on the rim, it is impossible to go wrong with any milkshake here. My personal favorite is the cookies n cream shake with oreos, chocolate drizzle, and two ice cream sandwiches. Although these shakes are a bit pricey with a cost of $10.99, they are definitely worth it.


Comeback Shack, Mount Pleasant

  Comeback Shack is a new but already very popular restaurant in Bowman Place near Dick’s Sporting Goods. The food is similar to that of BurgerFi but the overall aura of the restaurant shows greatness. Although the burgers are good enough, the milkshakes are fantastic. With an awesome low price of 3 dollars for a milkshake and just $3.59 for a burger, the price is definitely worth it.


Ye Old Fashioned

I sort of hate putting this on the list because, although it is a classic in Charleston, the food besides the ice cream is subpar to say the very least. But since this is a milkshakes list, I guess I can. There isn’t really much to say about the milkshakes there besides that they are just fantastic. You just can’t go wrong with any ice cream you get at Ye Old Fashioned. For a great price of $5.19 for a medium shake, it is definitely worth the buy and overall experience.


Sesame Burgers and Beer

My favorite milkshake in Charleston is 1000% Sesame. I come to a place like this knowing full well that I am going to pay a pretty penny to try out a menu item for the first time. When I burned through two fantastic burger sliders, I was ecstatic to try the milkshake. I ordered the cookies and cream shake and was so happy I did. The shake just had a super rich taste and was delicious. I’m not sure of the exact price but I believe it is around $7. The only milkshake that contests the one from Sesame is Woodward’s Tavern. They are both very similar in taste and presentation.