What Your Favorite Energy Drink Says About You




Like many AMHS students, I consider myself well-versed in the energy drink department with an intensive knowledge of the caffeine content and flavors of each flavor of each brand out there. With that being put into consideration, I have crossed paths with every type of energy drink consumer out there, and therefore I am in the position to determine what your choice of energy drink says about you. 

Red Bull

If you’re an avid Red Bull consumer, you radiate main character energy, and you’re not afraid to say what you think. You’re straightforward and handle things with maturity (for the most part), but you don’t have a problem spending money which can end up being a problem. Red Bull drinkers have high energy naturally which is only advanced by the caffeine in this beverage. You’re constantly busy with work, school, or your social life and Red Bull always keeps you going. If you’re reaching for a sugar-free Red Bull, you’re probably head-strong and you could definitely win a fight. Regular Red Bull connoisseurs value flavor more, making them the type of person to enjoy the simple things in life and not take anything too seriously.


Hello, Monster boys and girls. You’re the type to try to stick to a budget and not be overzealous with your cash. If you’re buying a monster, it’s likely that you have a specific type in mind, whether that be Monster Ultra, original, juice, or java. Most people aren’t intimidated by you, and you present yourself as a fun-loving ball of energy. You don’t constrict yourself to one image as you try to embrace everything, whether that be different types of music or style. You’re always up for an adventure too, and you find that you have the best time when there isn’t a plan.


Good choice. If your drink of choice is Yerba-Mate, you have respect for your body’s health, for which I can commend you. You love nature and emulate lively energy that makes everyone around you smile. Like I mentioned before, you’re very health-oriented and try to restrict your caffeine consumption to natural sources of energy. You love burning incense and practice meditation quite often. It’s very likely as a Yerb drinker for you to have an interest in astrology and advancing your spirituality. 



You’re the wild child of energy drink consumers, likely due to the extreme amount of caffeine in a Bang (300mg). You strike people as intense, which is probably true, but overall you’re a really nice person. Bang drinkers are the most committed people you’ll meet because once they have an idea in their head, it’s hard to change their minds. You probably drink a Bang at least 4 times a week which keeps you motivated through tough weeks at school. If you decide on Cotton Candy, Magic Unicorn, or Birthday Cake, you have a lethal sweet-tooth and unmatchable energy. For those of you who stick to the less sweet, fruity flavors, you long for a relaxing getaway on a remote island, away from the world and all its chaos.


For my Reign drinkers, you fall in a similar category to Bang drinkers. You’re super high energy and you like to ball on a budget, which is obvious with your drink of choice. You have definitely had your struggles, but alas you’ve conquered your demons and now you’re unstoppable. It’s likely that you’re very confident in yourself and you enjoy crazy flavor combinations. You live life on the edge and have no problem trying something new. 


Hey Rockstars! Based on my experience, you’re definitely a thrill seeker who loves flavorful beverages. You don’t mind trying new things and live for the thrill. You tend to stick to your own company and don’t mind being by yourself. You’re extremely athletic and have always been competitive. You try not to worry too much, and find yourself going with the flow frequently. There’s a side to you that is quite hardcore, so you’re always trying to go to a concert or do something exciting.