Sorting the Senior Class as the Three Stooges

Purely vibes



“Personally I have never even watched The Three Stooges but I feel like a part of them lives in 

all of us.”

-Christina Dolan


Positive Traits of Each Stooge:


MoeHardworking, Ambitious, Self assured, Diligent, Leaders


Larry: Easy-going, Friendly, Versatile, Peaceful, Civil


Curly: Creative, Sociable, Charismatic, Class clown, Goofy


(I’m not even sure if these are accurate traits of the three stooges. This is just how I interpret them. Also please don’t overthink your category. It’s not that deep.)


If you got two stooges, the one I listed first is the one I think you’re the most like, but I also had to include that you can also sometimes be another stooge. So if you got Moe/Curly for instance, I think you’re more Moe than Curly but you’re pretty similar to both of them. 


Thomas Abraham: Larry

Emma Anderson: Larry

Grace Anderson: Moe

Niko Apostolou: Curly/Larry

Taylor Aquino: Curly

Aiden Astle: Moe

Jack Austin: Larry

Justin Baek: Curly

Macon Bauknight: Larry

Colby Beaver: Curly

Eric Beaver: Moe

Alan Bi: Moe

Lily Bluestein: Larry

Will Boyd: Moe

Collin Brientnall: Curly/Moe

Kaila Brown: Curly

Haley Bryan: Larry

Conolly Burgess: Moe

Connor Burill: Larry

Amelia Butcher: Moe

Sophia Butcher: Moe

Julia Camp: Moe

Emily Campbell: Larry

Dylan Carter: Larry

Mattia Cassell: Curly

Owen Chapman: Larry

Kaitlyn Chau: Larry

Maisie Cochran: Moe

Owen Conley: Curly/Moe

Anna Cook: Larry

Kristen Cooper: Moe

Lydia Cox: Moe

Prudence Criscuolo: Moe/Larry

Will Culler: Larry

Evan Daniels: Moe/Curly 

Isabelle Darce: Moe

Cameron Dawson: Curly

Carmen Del Mastro: Larry

Ansel Dietrich: Moe/Curly

Christina Dolan: Moe

Brendan Elliot: Larry

Brad Emenov: Larry/Curly

Landon Ethredge: Moe

Lily Feingold: Moe

Ashley Fister: Larry

Aiden Flinton: Moe

Pilar Florez: Moe

Tonisha Forrest: Curly

Andrew Forsyth: Curly/Larry

Adam Frye: Larry

Serenity Gainey: Larry

Connor Gale: Curly

Keiry Garcia : Moe

Jeremy Garza: Curly/Moe

Adam Gatch: Moe

Christain Giles: Moe

Emily Griffin: Larry

Jason Guo: Moe

Gabby Hart: Larry

Ishraq Haque: Moe/Larry

Sean Healy: Moe

Leah Heineck: Curly/Larry

Thomas Henry: Larry

Alex Hernandez: Larry

Joel Herndon: Moe

Grace hill: Larry/Curly

Marshall Hodges: Curly

Liana Horner: Moe/larry

Hannah Hughes: Larry/Curly

Sydney Isaaks: Moe/Curly

Mohammed Ismail: C U R L Y

Tate Jennings: Moe

Tabitha Johnson: Larry

Kyle Johnson: Curly

Charles Jordan: Moe/Curly

Alyssa Kapinos: Moe

MK Kerrigan: Larry

Colton Kilgallen: Moe

Whitney Knotts: Moe

Lily Lassiter: Moe

Jennifer Lee: Moe

Simon Li: Moe/Larry

Benjamin Lipshitz: Moe

Ruth Liu: Larry

Jojo Lonyo: Moe/Larry

Morgan Macdonald: Larry/Curly

Mark Maci: Moe

Anna Maher: Larry

Emma Martin: Larry

Sophia Martuscello: Curly

Josie Massenet: Moe/Larry

Katie Massie: Moe

Casey Matthews: Larry

Elias Mcall: Larry/Curly

Emma Mcalin: Moe

Trinity Mcmanus: Larry

Aidan Mcpherson: Moe

Charlie Medlock: Moe

Ishaan Mehrotra: Curly/Moe

Brooks Melton: Curly

Carson Moore: Curly

Ruth Middleton: Larry/Curly

Devon Mulligan: Moe

Shreyas Mytri: Curly

Christian Nelson: Curly/Larry

Sarah Nelson: Larry

Maddie Nguyen: Larry/Moe

Sophie Nguyen: Larry

Olivia Niesse: Larry

Wenshu Novak-Condy: Moe/Curly

Lily O: Moe

Frances O’Shea: Curly/Larry

Charles Olsen: Moe

Rey Ortiz: Curly

Evie Otis: Moe/Larry

Ethan Oulette: Moe

Maya Pai: Moe

Belle Pansap: Larry

Janice Park: Larry

Nick Patterson: Curly

Matthew Porzio: Curly

Nora Powell: Larry

Disha Qanungo: Moe

Porter Quantz:Curly/Moe

Michelle Ren: Larry/Moe

Casey Richmond: Curly

James Rocco: Larry

Rootster (RIP): Curly 

Mary Routh: Moe/Larry

John Rowe: Curly

Adam Rubinstein: Curly/Moe

Anyjah Sally: Moe/Larry

Valerie Salvatierra: Larry/Moe

Catherine Santos: Moe

Preston Sessoms: Curly

Brady Siegan: Curly

Hayden Southworth: Larry/Curly

George Sterrett: Moe/Curly

Johanna Stone: Moe

Allie Streck: Moe

Karoline Surdyck: Larry

Eliza Taylor: Moe

Mccabe Templeton: Larry

John Thomas: Moe

Molly Tippey: Moe

Jack Tucker: Larry/Moe

Hank Tschantz: Moe/Curly

Nicole Tufts: Moe/Larry

Miles Turk: Larry

Manning Unger: Curly

Felix von Asten: Moe

Sylvia Watkins: Larry

Sophie White: Moe/Larry

Ben Whitley: Larry/Curly

Alex Williams: Larry

Timothy Wilson: Moe

Lily Wolf: Curly/Larry

Liam Wood: Moe

Vivian Yang: Moe

Mason Yost: Larry/Moe

Porter Zach: Moe


Honorable Mentions:

Mr. Rush: Moe/Curly

Mr. Stackhouse: Curly/Larry

Ms. Pinckney: Moe

Ms. Colon: Moe/Larry

Coach Williams: Curly/Moe