Songs I Am Currently Obsessed With

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Songs I Am Currently Obsessed With
  1. Space Song- Beach House

Now, if you are on tiktok more than the average Joe, it is likely this song has appeared more than once on your FYP. It can often be heard playing behind a scene from a sad movie with the infamous crying man meme. That’s besides the point though, “Space Song” perfectly captures the feeling of a fleeting youth, and it makes you completely question the meaning of life. For some, this song could possibly send you into an emotional spiral so please be aware and try not to listen to more than once a day. Remember to contact your guidance counselor (Mr. Cosgrove) if you start to have negative thoughts such as giving yourself bangs or the strong urge to reinvent your entire personality. Listen responsibly. 

Pictured: The crying man

     2. 7- Catfish and the Bottlemen

This song is responsible for me being on time to school for the past three weeks. It is the sole reason I am able to get out of bed in the morning, simply so that I can head-bang to this song in the shower. This is one of those songs for me that can only be listened to at max volume, whether it be in the car, shower, or through airpods. Don’t be embarrassed to let your classmates hear this song screaming through your pods, at least you can know you’re the main character. I hope you’ll give this song a listen especially if you’re a fan of Rainbow Kitten Surprise, I’m sure you’ll undergo the same out-of-body experience I do everyday at 7 am.

     3. Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

Now, this song is not new. It’s been around the block more than once, but it is one of those songs that you rediscover randomly and then it’s your song of the month. This song is the type of song that after I listen to it, I feel it necessary to randomly text my mom a soppy text message. Especially the lyric “Mommy, I’m coming home”, and while I find the word “mommy” especially vomit-inducing I do believe that lyric represents the feeling of coming home from college specifically Christmas break. While I am not in college and have never experienced this feeling, I am almost certain this is what it would feel like. Also, if you are a fan of this song you must listen to the cover by Tom Rosenthal which is equally as good but definitely more of a tear-jerker.