Introducing the 2020 Girls Tennis Team


Despite the Covid-19 virus impacting so many of the things we know and love, one thing has stayed true to itself, the girls tennis team. The 2020 girls team, a team capable of destroying the competition, has had an excellent season thus far. Led by Coach Alan Schmitt and Senior Captains Jennifer Lee and Lydia Cox, the Raptor’s team has clawed their way to an impressive 4-2 record. With the only two losses coming in heartbreaking losses to rivals Bishop England and Oceanside Collegiate academy. Following the conclusion of their regular season schedule, this team is still on the fence on whether or not they will be participating in the playoffs due to concerns over the Coronavirus. When taking into consideration the protocols they must follow due to these safety concerns, their winning record looks even stronger. The team is required to wear masks whenever they are not physically playing as well as maintaining social distancing on and off the court. Furthermore, before practice every day they must be temperature checked in order to ensure that they do not have a fever. 


If you wish to watch this awesome team in action you will have to act quickly. Due to a shortened season and questions over their future in the playoffs, the girl’s season could be coming to an end relatively soon. That being said, they are still practicing on the Academic Magnet tennis courts every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Currently, they are undecided on whether or not they will be playing more matches. Though if the opportunity presents itself, these girls are worth watching!


The current roster for the team is as follows:

Jennifer Lee (12)

Lydia Cox (12)

Lucy Manuel (11)

Lilly Ramsey (11)

Anne Young (11)

Ava Maile (10)

Cliffie Manuel (10)

Emma Hsu (10)

Maria Cymbalyuk (10)

Laura Robertson (10)

Mary Blake Hand (10)

Laura Robertson (10)

Wren Allen (10)

Catie Gill (10)



I interviewed senior Jennifer Lee in order to gain an insight into the traditions of the team. She explained to me that the traditions have been impacted due to virus concerns but pre-covid, the team would love to “stop by Chick-Fil-A” to fuel up before matches. Additionally, every year on senior night the seniors of the team stamp their handprints onto the benches that sit beside the court. This truly is a very cool, talented team that deserves more recognition around the magnet then they receive for their hard work on the court.