Experts Rank Ultimate Monster Energy Drinks


Monster Energy drinks are a bare necessity as a high school student, but no one wants to waste their time trying to figure out the best flavor to buy through trial and error. As a self-proclaimed Monster enthusiast, I took it upon myself to purchase all 8 Monster Ultras in order to create an accurate ranking of Monster Energy drinks to find out which was truly the best flavor. This study was conducted with the help of other individuals whom I believe to be experts in the field of energy drinks. Though there were initial disagreements, we were able to conclude that…

8th: Ultra Sunrise

Of the 8, we thought Ultra Sunrise was the worst of the bunch. The flavor palette of this beverage can only be described as flat with notes of watered-down orange. Junior, Taryn Crowley reports that she “definitely wouldn’t drink the whole can” which goes to show the pure disappointment of the orange Monster. This beverage would not be recommended to anyone who wants to enjoy the rest of their day.

7th: Ultra Blue

With only three more points than Ultra Sunrise, we have the blue Monster, which was a major disappointment among the judges. Not only is the color of the can an uncomfortable shade of baby blue, but the flavor will leave you just as unsettled. Simon Hughes, AMHS senior breaks it down for us, stating, “That sucks” providing insight into his sophisticated palette that deemed this Monster product unsatisfactory.

6th: Ultra Violet

Despite the disagreement among the judges and the dissension caused by this flavor, Ultra Violet landed a spot in the 6th place. While some may enjoy the heavy artificial grape flavor of this Monster, others would agree with senior, Hannah Hughes when she says it “tastes like cough syrup.” Be careful when purchasing your Monster and steer clear of Ultra Violet if you’re not fond of grape cough syrup.

5th: Ultra Rosá

5th Place goes to Miss Ultra Rosá, which was, unfortunately, a forgettable flavor. It gives off a “sweet-tart” flavor according to Taryn and Simon. The sweet-tart flavor is likely due to the alarming amount of sugar packed into this can. The Talon’s own, Sophia Martuscello believes it is “comparable to red,” inferring that the flavor lacks the nuance of a quality energy drink.

4th: Ultra Red

Ultra Red lacks a true flavor but, it is certain that this drink does in fact taste like red. This was an unpleasant surprise to Simon, who stated immediately, “I want to spit it out.” The other judges had much more tolerant attitudes towards this drink. It was neither bad nor good, making this drink a neutral selection given the opportunity to buy a Monster.

3rd: Zero Ultra

In 3rd place, we have the classic white Monster, otherwise known as the blueprint for all Monsters. Before sampling, Hannah confesses, “I used to drink this one often.” This is the perfect choice for someone who enjoys a light beverage to sip on given its “carbonated sugar water” qualities. In simple terms, the flavor profile of Zero Ultra is similar to the “red, blue, and pink—but flatter.”

2nd: Ultra Paradise

As a close second, we have Ultra Paradise, sporting an electric green and tropical print design. In order to accurately describe this flavor, imagine eating a green apple jolly rancher, because that is exactly what the green Monster tastes like. With reviews like, “100%” and “really good,” we can agree that the green Monster is one of the best to be crafted. 

1st: Ultra Fiesta

After a long day of sampling energy drinks, we came to the logical conclusion that the reigning supreme was Ultra Fiesta. This “tangy, refreshing” beverage is full of mango flavors that are sure to rock your socks. If your first choice is not Ultra Fiesta, considering making it your first choice. Open your world up to new opportunities because this Monster is life-changing.