How to Stay Active at Home

I took a trip to Youtube to find out.


The Jump Rope Dudes.

Even as more restrictions are being lifted and stores are being opened back up again, it is still important that we continue to try distancing ourselves in the midst of this time of uncertainty. However, it is just as important for us to exercise to avoid slipping into unhealthy habits or a state of lethargy. Aside from taking advantage of the recent beautiful weather by biking around the neighborhood, walking the dog, or going for a run, there are seemingly infinite workout videos online that we can do from home instead of taking a trip to the gym. After trying numerous routines from different creators, I have decided to share my favorite channels with you all.

Pamela Reif

Her workouts are probably my favorites out of all the ones I have tried. Most of them are pretty brief–from about 10 to 20 minutes long–but intense, so you get the bang for your buck. Though the first few times following her workouts was very difficult, especially since there are no breaks in between the exercises in most of them, they have gradually been getting easier, and I have stuck with them since they are so effective. I would highly recommend her 10 minute six pack workout, 10 minute side abs and obliques, and 20 minute legs + booty livestream.

An exercise from Pamela’s six pack workout.

Jump Rope Dudes

Jumping rope is great not only for burning calories, but also for toning your arms and legs. Even jumping rope for just five minutes a day can make a huge difference physically, as well as mentally by building a sense of commitment through consistency. On their channel, the Jump Rope Dudes provide numerous different HIIT routines that incorporate jumping rope and can spice up your normal exercise routine. They also include videos catering to all skill levels, from beginner, like the 10 minute beginner jump rope workout, to more advanced, such as the 10 minute jump rope workout and 600 calorie burn jump rope workout.

Chloe Ting

Chloe’s workouts are very similar to the majority of other fitness gurus, but she differentiates herself with her online programs. On her website, you can find over 10 different challenges ranging from 2 to 8 weeks long that provide you with a schedule mapping out what workouts to do each day, along with links to the videos–completely for free. Though I have not completed any of them yet, I’ve heard a lot of positives about them, especially the 2 Weeks Shred Challenge. My only complaint is that the days get redundant, especially when one video repeats itself twice in a single day (which is why I started but didn’t finish her 25 Days Hourglass Challenge). However, I really like her individual videos, specifically the get abs in 2 weeks and love handle workout.


I just recently started trying her workouts and have really enjoyed them, especially her 20 minute full body workout, which covers all the bases. Her channel is also characterized by short, unique videos that are about 3 to 4 minutes long and are choreographed to a song, such as “Blinding Lights” or “7 Rings.” Though they are somewhat difficult to follow along with, the concept is cool and makes them fun to try. I also discovered her 20 minute full body stretch/yoga for stress and anxiety relief video, which is a perfect way to wake up in the morning or relax before going to bed.

Maddie’s 3 minute routine for “Savage.”

Hopefully these suggestions have motivated you to get up and moving if you aren’t already!