Magnet Students attend Youth in Government Conference

Mr. Weart takes Five Students to Columbia for YGC


Jessica Baynes, Matthew Martin, Maggie McConnell, Faith Dalzell and Janelle Green all traveled to Columbia for the Youth in Government Conference. Ryan Berlinsky was also selected to go, but had a family obligation at last minute. The conference is sponsored by the YMCA and has occurred for the past 27 years. More than 1,000 students met in Columbia to attend this conference. During the weekend the students proposed their own bills to the committee, house and senate. The students took control of the State House in Columbia for the entire weekend. The schedule was very tight, and during the night events such as banquets, dances and awards ceremonies took place. Three of the students, Jessica Baynes, Maggie McConnell and Matthew Martin all applied for Conversation on National Affairs (CONA). Maggie McConnell and Matthew Martin were selected and will be attending the CONA convention during the summer around July 4th. Jessica Baynes is the alternate if one of these students is not able to go. The convention will take place in the North Carolina Mountains and 42 states will be represented at the conference.


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