Senior Thesis: Steven Wright

Researching Statistics in Order to Create the NBA’s Perfect Team


Steven Wright, an Academic Magnet senior, is writing his thesis on the National Basketball Association (NBA), in which his data consists of making a blueprint on what different components teams in the NBA have (strengths and weaknesses). He has been looking at statistics and scores from the last thirty years in NBA history. Not only has he looked at the positives of these teams, but also weaknesses on what has not worked for different teams. Steven has taken these factors from all different teams on strategies that have led to wins. The ultimate goal is to create an NBA tem with all the components needed to win a championship. Steven chose his topic because he has always been interested in basketball, and it is one of his passions. His thesis teacher, Mrs. Benton, suggested the idea of creating a blueprint for success. Steven combined his love for basketball with the idea of creating a “blueprint for success” and came up with the topic he currently has. He has already collected all of his data concerning what works and does not work in order to be successful in the NBA. He still needs to finish the analysis in order to declare his own conclusion of what the greatest strengths a team should have. Although his thesis is coming along well, like many students face towards the end of the process, his conclusions may not show a “groundbreaking discovery” to really make a change in the world, or in his case NBA. However, whether his thesis changes the world or not, the amount of time and effort he has put into the five rigorous chapters is enough for Steven to be satisfied.