Vote Early (but not often)

the SC Presidential Primary is February 29th and the Election is November 3rd


The SC Palmetto Project provides stickers for voters each and every year

The government may have just raised the minimum age to buy cigarettes, but at least one thing remains the same for eighteen-year-olds. Voting is a right, a privilege, and a responsibility. Lucky for you, South Carolina is a crucial state for the upcoming United States Presidential Election. The fun has already kicked off with candidates pouring into the Lowcountry for photo ops, town halls, and speeches since August. February will see two more crucial days for eligible South Carolina voters. First up, on February 25th, the top handful of Democratic candidates will visit Charleston for a debate hosted by CBS News and the Congressional Black Caucus. Just four days later, South Carolina will have our Democratic Presidential Primary. Yes, it’s leap day, and yes, it’s Saturday, but yes, you must vote. It’s important to remember, especially for high school students, that anyone eligible to vote by November 3rd can vote in our open primary in February.

This year’s election season has some obvious heft to it. The US will choose whether to re-elect President Trump or opt for a new Democratic option at the top of the ticket. But further down, we have tons to look at. As is the case every two years, our US Representatives James Clyburn (District 6) and Joe Cunningham (District 1) will be up for re-election alongside Senator Lindsay Graham. No matter your personal political views, it is integral that you allow your voice to be heard loud and clear. But don’t just take my word for it.

  • “People say my vote is just one vote, especially teenagers. They are very opinionated. There is always a lesser of two evils and you have to pick the person with the best morals. You need to vote.” -Senior Emily Furtick
  • “I believe that we are very privileged to have the opportunity to vote, so you need to. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.” – Senior Sloane Stoklosa
  • “Voting is VERY important.” -Library volunteer
  • “It irritates me when people ask who I’m voting for because the anonymity is very important.” -Ms. Henley
  • “It’s important to vote because it’s the basis of our government, and we must pay them back not with money but with our vote.” -Senior Jacob Schar (on his 18th birthday)
  • “If we are given a say, we have no choice but to take it.” -Senior Piper Monk
  • Our vote is our voice. If we don’t vote then we can’t claim influence. Your country needs your vote.” -Senior Carson Goodier
  • To have an effective government for the people, by the people, and of the people (Abe) we need to have as many people as possible use their voice and it’s my opinion that it’s your civic duty to do so.”- Junior Elias McCall

P.S. Voter fraud is real. You may only vote once per election!