Coming Home is Approaching

It's that time of the year again

It’s a new year, The Bachelor has begun, and midterms are done. Now, it’s time for Coming Home. If you are not aware, Coming Home is Magnet’s second spirit week. It’s origin? Many moons ago, the Raptor basketball team was the best it had ever been.  Someone then thought, “why not have a spirit week to celebrate the basketball team?” Thus, Coming Home was born. It has blossomed into a quintessential part of Academic Magnet and is an unforgettable week for everyone. But beware, fellow Raptors, the same rule applies from Homecoming: go all out. If you don’t, you might as well not show up to school. Freshmen, y’all played it safe with Homecoming. There are no excuses now. 

This year, Coming Home commences on Monday, January 27th, and lasts until Friday, January 31st. There will be a home basketball game which everyone should attend (and costs $5). Remember, the theme for the basketball game will be the senior’s wall. In case you are living under a rock, here are the themes for each day:

Basketball is superior to football. At least ours is.”

— Caroline Fair

Monday 1/27: Avatar the Last Airbender

This day is a new concept to me, but I have high hopes for it. Each grade will have a specific nation they will dress up as. Each seem pretty self explanatory, but if you need some inspiration, the Wikipedia page had some good insight. Here are the nations:

Seniors: Fire Nation

Juniors: Water Tribe

Sophomores: Air Nomads

Freshmen: Earth Kingdom

Tuesday 1/28: Pirates vs. Mermaids

Surprisingly, it took AMHS quite a while to come up with this idea. I have heard many positive and excited remarks regarding this theme, so I think this theme will be promising. Need help? Try channeling your inner Ariel or Captain Hook. 

Wednesday 1/29: Hospital

Blood and scrubs. Pretty much what Magnet will look like this day. I’m not too sure on how to get ~creative~ with this theme, so good luck. Correlating with this Coming Home theme, the service project for Wednesday will be a blood drive. If you would like to participate, contact Lily O, as long as you are over 16.

Thursday 1/30: Harry Potter Day

The class of 2021 on last year’s Harry Potter day

A seasoned Magnet tradition, Harry Potter Day always transpires on the Thursday of Coming Home. While this theme tends to be one of the lesser spirited days, there is an easy fix. For a more subtle look, just wear your house’s colors. To really exhibit your Raptor spirit, get a robe and wand. Also, make sure to check out the quidditch match that happens on the football practice field at lunch! Each grade is assigned a specific Hogwarts house, per usual

Seniors: Slytherin

Juniors: Gryffindor

Sophomores: Ravenclaw

Freshmen: Hufflepuff

Friday 1/31: Wall Day

Notably the two best days throughout the whole school year, Wall Day is what everything builds up to. If you are only going to dress up for one day, which is NOT recommended, make sure it is for your wall. This is the day to go over the top. It is crucial to wake up at least an hour before you usually do and to arrive promptly before 8AM. If you can, try to bring in supplies, money, and time (to set up AND clean up); it will definitely be worth it. On Wall Day, there will be shortened schedules and a pep rally at the end of the day to see the results of the week! 


As the final spirit week of the school year nears upon us, make sure to prepare. Nothing is worse than having to get outfits the night before. Also, nothing is too outrageous; the crazier, the better. If you need some help, I recommend reading Davis’ article (here!) from Homecoming to refresh your brain. If you still don’t know what to do, I’m sorry; just don’t make Ms. Pinckney mad.