Best VPN for Computer and Phone

CCSD can't stop us.


VPNs are a great way around the filter.

Whether you’re on topic or not, Charleston County has found a way to block what you’re searching on the internet. There are some ways around this but the easiest way is to just get a VPN. Avoiding the technical aspects, a VPN essentially changes your location or IP address so that the school district can not block any websites. Here are some great free VPNs for your computer or phone, but beware they do seem to drain your battery more than normal. 



Hotspot Shield (Free)- This is my personal favorite for a computer because there is not a limit to how much you can use it and it consistently works, unlike some others. 


Tunnel Bear: One of the best VPNs according to internet reviews, Tunnel Bear provides a great service however the free version does have a limit to the amount that it can be used which is a major downside. 


Express VPN: I’ve never tried this option which makes me a little skeptical, however, it received some of the best reviews online so I think it could worth a shot, especially considering it is free. 



X- VPN: If you want to use your phone then get this hotspot. Just like Hotspot Shield it has no data limit and comes completely free of charge. However, I have noticed that it tends to drain the battery a little faster than others. 


VPN 360: Another great option although I have not used it in a while due to some inconsistency issues. Specifically, I had some trouble getting the VPN to connect but when it did connect it worked just like a charm. 


Windscribe: This is a great choice because it works almost 100% of the time. It is also completely free and does not have a limit to the amount that it can be used. Although in some past updates it does not work at school, so beware of becoming dependent on this. 


As a final note, I think your best option is to stick with the top option for both phones and computers. Also, the phone category is based on iPhones but I’m sure some of these companies make VPNs that work on other phone brands. There are also some other ways around using VPNs such as going through the portal and entering your login information however I feel that this is annoying and I’m not sure if it is 100% dependable.