AMHS Varsity Boys Basketball Team


Simone Kavarana, Staff Writer

The roster currently looks like the following: 

Kasen Groves (12)

Jack Catalano (12)

Will Jordan (12)

Jacob Schar (12)

Kory Singleton (12)

Owen Conley

Mark Maci

Gray Willits    

William Hyatt

Thomas Abraham

AJ Whiteman

Mills Jordan

Mattia Cassell

Harman Pelia


I sat down with a few returning seniors to catch up with them and find out how their season is going so far:

What’s your favorite part about being a senior on the team this year and how many years have you played?

Kasen Groves: “I have played for four years and I like being a good influence on the underclassmen.”

Jack: “I have played for four years and I’m able to yell at the younger kids.”


What position do you play?

Jack: “All of them”

Kasen Groves: “Guard.”


Do you have to be tall to be good at basketball?

Jack: “No because there are a lot of basketball players that are good and short”

Kasen: “I mean it helps, but no it’s not necessary.”


Who can jump the highest on the team?

Kasen: “Hmm honestly, I couldn’t tell yo– Jordan. Will Jordan.”

Jack: “Ummm Will Jordan for sure.” 


Ella asks, “How would you respond to the stereotype that ‘white boys can’t jump’. 

Kasen: “I’d say it’s pretty true.”

Jacks: “It’s true in most cases but some kids were given that ability.”

Kory: “I mean it’s kinda true. Except Will Jordan it kinda rings true.” 


What’s your go-to song before a game?

Kasen: “Rise and Shine by J. Cole”

Jack: “Outside today”


Go to post-game meal?

Kasen: “Chick-Fil-A.” 

Disclaimer: *Kasen did tell me he was a vegan so I’m not sure how that really works.*


Who’s the best player on the team?

Kasen: “We’re all evenly talented and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.”

Jack: “Kasen.” 


Who’s your favorite underclassman? Why?

Kasen: “Owen. I don’t know cause he’s funny.” 

Jack: “Does Owen count as an underclassman? Owen. Wait scratch that. William Hyatt.”


So far they have played…

Hanahan → Score: (L) 30-28

Military Magnet → Score: (L) 65-46

Burke → Score: (L) 71-58 

Phillip Simmons -> (L) 63-48

Charleston Math and Science -> (L) 62-52


They will play 

12/17 Burke (Away)

12/20 Military Magnet (Home)

1/3 Charleston Math and Science (Away)

1/10 Manning (Home)

1/14 Hanahan (Away) 

1/17 Bishop England (Home) 


Come out and support your raptor boys this year and next year!!! We hope the rest of the season has some W’s in store for y’all. Good luck and much love from your raptor fans.