Everything you need at your Thanksgiving dinner

Can't forget the essentials!

Although Thanksgiving is somewhat overlooked, here is a list of foods that are vital to ensuring that your 2019 Thanksgiving experience is anything but forgettable.


  1. Turkey

A fan favorite. You simply cannot have thanksgiving without turkey. If you’re vegetarian, this is the one day of the year you can cheat. You can deep-fry it, brine it, roast it, smoke it, spatchcock it, or cook it in a crock pot. The possibilities are endless with this classic Thanksgiving dish, not to mention the complementary sides that pair beautifully with your turkey any way you choose to cook it. While this dish can tend to be relatively dry, you must do your research before in order to guarantee a juicy, crispy, DELICIOUS young bird.


  1. Stuffing/Dressing

While there are many different kinds of stuffing, or according to the southern vernacular, dressing (the superior word), virtually any kind is tasty. Consisting of bread, onions, celery, spices, and sometimes meat (?), it is the perfect mixture of flavorful starch to go along with your juicy turkey. While I am an avid dressing fan, Katherine Ray and Simone Kavarana claimed (in unison) that they could live without it, and that it is “fine”. 



  1. Sweet potato casserole

While many families commit the sin of eating their sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top (disgusting), it is nevertheless a timeless thanksgiving favorite that the pilgrims would undoubtedly be proud of. The slight sweetness of the casserole is a phenomenal balance to the rest of the savory, salty foods on the Thanksgiving table. Jack Levenson claims that he “doesn’t even like sweet potatoes”, “no matter what”. We can all come to the conclusion that his opinions are not respected nor cherished.



  1. Mac and cheese

Mac and cheese. Cheese and mac. Regardless of Thanksgiving, mac and cheese is a major food group and absolutely loved by every person I have come across in my life thus far. Homemade and baked with breadcrumbs on top, mac and cheese is an absolute MUST on our beloved American holiday. According to Will Kronsberg, mac and cheese is “great” and we couldn’t agree more. In order to ensure a 2019 Thanksgiving success, make sure somebody is bringing the mac and cheese.



  1. Cranberry sauce

A quintessential Thanksgiving side, yet it is actually really gross. According to Simone Kavarana, cranberry sauce is an “acquired taste, only necessary if you are seeking a sweet tang when shoveling in your turkey. It’s not for everyone” and I couldn’t agree more. I enjoy my Thanksgiving sides and turkey all alone and don’t seek alternate validation from this nasty sauce. Will Kronsberg says it is “weirdly shaped”, and we aren’t sure why it is even a part of the holiday. Jack Levenson questions whether cranberries even existed at the time of the first Thanksgiving dinner, and honestly he’s right – did they???? Overall, despite the fact that this dish is a complete embarrassment to the holiday, it is a classic that must be included in your plethora of Thanksgiving food.